Mar 29, 2014

30 days challenge- Day 16 and 17

Day 16- Your views on mainstream music

I like all kinds of music,as long as it's not too loud like heavy metal that practically consists of just screaming and grating your ears until they bleed. I think mainstream music is awesome.. that is hy they are mainstream right...

Day 17- Your highs and lows of this past year

As a 'wanderlusting' person, I would have to say that my highs are always the time I get to go for my trips. I did not get to go for much trips last year, just a get away in Singapore with my cousin and a nice trip to Taipei , which I hope to be able to go again. And of course, the odd trips to Penang, Ipoh and Dungun when I had to send my daughter to UiTM for the first time..

My lows would be when people close to me do not understand me and when they are ill and suffering and that makes me suffer too....

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