Mar 17, 2014

Hair make over at Secolo


Been feeling that my hair was getting a bit unruly. The colour was also uneven since the previous colouring was done by myself.

Finally decided to go get my hair made over. I bought a voucher from Groupon, getting a lot of savings, since I think I only paid RM68.00 for a value of RM350.00. 

The saloon was very near my home, thus quite convenient.

My stylist was Justin. He was definitely professional and advised me to colour my hair ash brown to look younger,  and I went along with his suggestion.

He trimmed 1 - 1 1/2 inches off my tresses and then did some lightening at my roots before doing the actual colour. 

Then I had my hair washed twice and serum applied.

Then he had my hair blow dried and trimmed again.
The end result? My head definitely felt lighter, fresher and beautifully coloured....

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