Mar 21, 2014

Actifry by Tefal

Tefal finally brought the Actifry down to Malaysia. It was launched at One Utama yesterday 20/3/2014

Imagine being able to fry your potato wedges with just one tablespoon of oil and the chicken to go with it at the same time.

Tefal’s Actifry lets you cook guilt-free chips in the bottom cooking pan and chicken, fish, steaks or chops on the cooking plate above.

Patented French technology circulates hot air (170 degrees Celcius) all around for healthier cooking, and you get great healthy cooked food with only 3% fat.

 Super convenient, Tefal have perfected their clever 2-in-1 cooker. You can cook plenty with this; dry chicken curry, stir-fry veg, rice with prawns, scampi with potato wedges and more, even desserts!

There is a stirring paddle in the middle of the pan that stirs your food for you so you don't have to worry about stirring your food.

There’s more good news too –
  • Can be used with or without the upper cooking plate.
  • Cook up to a maximum of 1.5kg chips at a time
  • Clear lid lets you keep an eye on progress.
  • Less odour and splashes than a traditional deep fat fryer.
  • Easy to clean – there’s no oil to filter and the pan, plate and are Dishwasher safe
  • It is very quiet.
Measuring spoon and recipe book included.

Retail price RM999 


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  2. As a busy mother of 3 small children, I need to invest one like this, thank you for this post

  3. The Oil less fryer idea is a fantastic machine for a quick, easy 2 person meal and plus cooking was much healthier. Thank you. Thank for sharing


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