Mar 16, 2014

Keropok Lekor Ganu

We stopped at Merang at this shop known as Keropok Mengabang Tapah. They supposedly among the best keropok lekor around Trengganu. Keropok Lekor here differs from the ones you can get in KL which is harder.

Here you can see the ladies making the dough from fish meat and flour. These are then rolled into long sticks, then frozen.

This picture shows a huge vat of oil where the keropok lekor is being deep fried.

The ready product. Fish cakes or keropok lekor that are chewy and soft, quite like fried fish balls for sale.

You get a packet of chilli sauce to go with this and it is really yummy.

Am not sure the exact address of this place but it is in Merang, Trengganu and on the main road.

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