Mar 20, 2014

Dedicated to my son Adam Danial

I must say I have under estimated my son. My son, Adam Danial, has never been a strong student in school unlike my eldest daughter,  Suria Natalia, so I did not expect him to get any As in his exams.  
I was so sure he won't do that well as he was playful, at certain times lazy and it annoyed me no end. 
Over the months leading to his SPM, I have mentioned to my husband and some close friends/relatives that I would be more then thankful if he could pass his SPM and get 3 credits to enable him to get into one of those colleges or universities. 
Today however, I must admit my mistakes as he proved to me he could be better then I thought him to be and scored 5 credits and passed the rest....
Adam Danial, I am truly proud of you.. almost as proud as when your sister got her 6 As... my two older children definitely out performed my expectations.. 
On the 6th of April, my son will go for his 3 months National Service stint. I pray and hope he will learn to be more independent and rise above himself to be an awesome , independent and successful young man.


  1. Wow! Congratulations Adam. He proved that you're wrong. Hahaha. I hope he will get chances to further his study.

    1. thanks dear... I am sure he will definitely take the chance to further his studies...

  2. my nephew selected too, but he didn't go.. he send letter to them saying that he needs continue college. I find that it's better he goes for it, complete it and don't need to worry of it.

  3. What an amazing dedication! You must be so proud of your son Adam, and this is a beautiful way to show it. He will always remember this special moment.

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  6. You are the shining light in my life, my source of joy, and my greatest blessing. This dedication is a testament to the boundless love and admiration I have for you. From the moment you came into this world, you have filled my heart with an overwhelming sense of pride and happiness.


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