Mar 31, 2014

Stop the blame game and support Malaysia

It's high time to stop the blame game and support our country.

In every incident in life, it is so easy to blame someone else or something else, but enough is enough.
Some of us so called Malaysians are embarrassing the hell out of other Malaysians but condemning ourselves and so on.

The government is doing their best to settle the matter the utmost best they can.

All eyes in the world are on them and this is a delicate issue which involves a lot of aspects and even countries.

Tears are flowing for the missing airline MH370, along with the tears, tempers are flaring, denial sets in and fingers start pointing. While this could be acceptable for the closest relatives of the victims on board the airlines, why are other people adding salt to the wounds and making this worse.

I am not very patriotic. There are a lot of things I myself do not agree with the government as well and such but hey, who is perfect? Are you? I for one have a lot of flaws myself. Those people in the government are humans, too and doing the best they can in getting to the bottom this matter.

If YOU were put in their shoes, do you think handle this incident better or as well as they could? I'd be the first to admit I surely can't.

So please let's not make things worse and instead give them your support in this time of need.

To Dato Seri Najib Razak, thank you for being strong for us and handling this the best you can.

You have my support and I know you and the government are doing the best you can in getting to the bottom of this.

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