Mar 25, 2014

A scary car ride..

My husband suffered from a diabetic stroke a couple of day ago and insisted on driving out for breakfast today. Seeing not much harm in it, I agreed, just to be treated to the most terrifying car ride of my entire life.

Since our battered Wira was out of service because of the battery, he insisted driving the old battered Sunny.

His strength wasn't his fullest and the car was hard to control ending up with narrowly avoiding cars and banging the side of the road on the way to the restaurant.

Picture from Google-illustration only...
The drive back was even more horrifying with him narrowly avoiding a couple of BMWs and hitting and scratching the edges of two lorries instead causing even more extensive damage to the already battered car including the side mirror flying off.

The problem with my dear husband is he is just too stubborn and fixed in his own ways.

This short terror ride really traumatized my youngest daughter who started crying as well.

As for myself.. I think the events these few days definitely make me feel so much older and drained then ever.

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