Dec 3, 2014

Yuletide in the Flower Dome

christmas wonderland at gardens by the bay

Yours truly was at the Gardens by the Bay with her little one a couple of weeks ago and well, they were having some Christmas light ups there for the Christmas season, and so I took my little girl there to experience the garden trail Christmas.

It sure was quite an amazing display of Christmas decorations and winter plants , and it was really cold inside the flower dome, obviously.

Supposedly the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay redefines the experience of celebrating Christmas in the tropics.

The amazing light sculptures both inside the Flower Dome here as well as the whole Gardens by the Bay are the spellbinding Luminarie lights handcrafted and flown in all the way from Italy

We were mesmerized by the lightly perfumed air and the crisp freshness of the atmosphere as we entered the Flower Dome. It was evening and well, although there were many beautiful flowers, we did not get to see them so clearly as it was late evening and the lights were kept down except for the Luminarie light ups for Christmas

We were quite enchanted by the topiary reindeer found at the Flower Field. How could we not, they were brightly lighted up. 

Do you want to know something strange? Santa's reindeers have male sounding names- Dasher, Donder, Prancer, Dancer, Blitzen and Rudolph, but male reindeers shed their antlers around Christmas .. and so the reindeers pulling Santa's sleigh are most likely female!!!

A little about the Flower Dome...The Flower Dome is divided into 9 sections. There are the Baobabs section, the Succulent Garden, the Australian Garden, the South American garden, the South African Garden, the Olive Grove, the Californian Garden and the Flower Field....

The Flower Dome is about 1.2 hectares big which is approximately the size of 2.2 football fields!!!

As it was late evening, yet again the same excuse I am giving, I could not take very nice clear pictures of the flowers as using a flash makes them too garish and unnatural and there were no natural light around... so I missed out on taking a picture of the Noble Fir as well.

When you enter the Flower Dome, you will be greeted by the magnificent Noble Fir. It is set amidst the adorable bear named Wise Wee and a pile of presents in a wooden sleigh...

My little girl loves the lights and the flowers...

A Christmas tree..... and a snow man...

You can even find a Candy Factory in here.... and it is so pretty...

I really felt like I had stepped back in time or had taken a short trip to Europe to spend Christmas there being inside the Flower Dome.... it was really worth the entrance fee..

(Info -taken from the website)

  • Opens 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM daily
  • Last ticket sale at 9:00 PM daily
  • Last admission at 9:30 PM daily

Operating hours extended to 10:00 PM
(29 Nov 2014 - 6 Jan 2015)

Local Resident Admission:       
Adult                           $12 
Senior Citizen*$8 
Local Resident Admission(includes entry to Cloud Forest):
Adult                           $20 
Senior Citizen*$15 

Standard Admission
(includes entry to Cloud Forest):
Adult                           $28 
Senior Citizen*$28 

To get here, take the MRT to Bayfront Station.. it is just a short walk from there....


  1. Wiiiii best nyer... kalau dia buat tempat tu sejuk2 ala cuaca snow mesti best kan :D

    1. memang sejuk.. kalau lagi sejuk kena pakai baju sejuk tebal dah... hehehe


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