Dec 25, 2014

XES Christmas Glam Rock Party 2014

Every woman loves shoes and bags, and Christmas is one of my favorite seasons of the year as well. So when I was invited to XES Christmas Glam Rock Party 2014, I was ecstatic. 

XES definitely brightened up my holidays tremendously with plenty of fun, joys and laughter with this awesome "Rock & Roll Christmas" hosted by the lovely PR Manager of XES, Sabrina Quigley Chin.

In case you still somehow have not heard of XES, where have you been.... oh gosh!! XES brand prides itself for developing gorgeous, quality and very affordable foot wear and bags for family  and for all occasions.

Founded under Shelleys Marketing Sdn Bhd in the year 2002, XES has been expanding and reaching all corners in Peninsula Malaysia with more then 80 outlets all over. I love my XES shoes because they are so fashionable and yet comfortable to be worn for all occasions.

Anyway, the XES store at the Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur was decked out in Christmas Glam Rock festive deco.  There were lots of delicious goodies including Christmas soft jelly candies in pretty Christmassy shapes, red velvet cup cakes and marshmallows..for those with a sweet tooth like yours truly... They really looked so good it was a shame to eat them.

All of the guests had an amazing time as the ladies were treated to a good 3 hours of pampering: a manicure and pedicure session for us sponsored by  "Ladies World". Above picture is of one of my blogger pals Kylie enjoyed a pedicure.

Yours truly was fascinated by the manicure and nail art services offered. OK, at the risk of sounding like a "Jakun" or kampung girl, yours truly never ever actually had a manicure done before and this was the first time. 

I surely was fascinated by all the designs but bemoaned the fact I did not have delicate and graceful hands on lovely long nails. In fact my nails were the complete opposite being short and stubby.

The manicurist were both busy with a line of queue so since the pedicurist was free, she asked me to sit down. When she asked me what I wanted, I just ask her to do as she wish as long as it was Christmassy and nice. 

Taadaa.... my nail art... isn't it just so gorgeous? I know I really love it!!! 

Here are some pictures of my good blogger pal Sherry showing her nails and of mine as well.....

There was also a DIY session for all of us which was extremely fun.  We were each given a pair of sandals and with the many embellishments, ribbons, sequins etc, were left and also guided to decorate our own sandals. Mr Amir, the A & P assistant was at hand to help us in out "How to embellish your sandals" activity. 


Check out all the fun we had... turning a pair of plain sandals to attractive customized sandals.

Yaaa daaa, these is my very limited edition sandal... besides looking awesome now, they are sooooo comfy to wear too!!!

So turn that boring neutral flats or sandals you have at home to a work of art and customize it however you want it, the best you can!!!!

And the best was yet to come when we were let loose in the shop to choose our own Christmas present and then had it wrapped nicely.... 

There were so many beautiful shoes, heels and sandals which even I had a hard time deciding which one I wanted when every pair is so attractive, unique and nice.....

Taaa daaa......XES shoes are really pretty and also of utmost good quality...

...making them an object of my desire... hehehe

For more info on these gorgeous shoes, visit and check out :

and also follow the facebook page :

Enjoy the rest of my pictures here....

....and to all my lovely readers  , Merry Christmas and have a great holiday week... and a Happy New Year 2015!!!!

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