Dec 31, 2014

Product review: Matrix Biolage Smoothproof Shampoo

Matrix Biolage  has unlocked the secret code of nature with their latest range: the  Biolage Reinvention Core Range, comprising of ColorLast, SmoothProof, HydraSource and VolumeBloom.

for those who do not know, Biolage was created in 1990 with the commitment of offering the hairstylist a unique approach to professional haircare. 

this exclusive blend of unique botanicals and the latest technologies deliver gentle, high performing formulas to enhance the beauty of every hair type.

Over millions of years, nature has gracefully found the most effective way to flourish and overcome all types of tough conditions on the planet.

Now, science innovates and reacts like nature to learn and develop products that address everyday concerns. The discipline of learning from nature’s mechanisms, bio-mimicry, has proven to provide the greatest results time and time again thus the latest range from Matrix biolage.

I am not a stranger to Matrix Biolage hair care having used them before when I was in Perth. It was definitely helpful and helped me with my hair and scalp back then. 

Yours truly here have frizzy, and problematic hair (some dandruff and some hair fall), and getting this lovely bottle of Matrix Biolage Smoothproof shampoo in my Butterfly Project Beauty Box was heaven sent!!

The shampoo comes in a white bottle with a flip cap. The cap is pretty tight and I guess this is good for travelling as it won't easily open and spill! 

The shampoo is transparent and is quite thick. It is quite nice with mild flowery smell

It has a reasonably good lather and cleanses my hair perfectly leaving a light fresh scent on my hair. My hair was definitely a little more smoother to comb after using this product whereas before this I will have a hard time combing without pulling some hair out. 

What I like-
1. It is paraben free.
2. It has a mild flowery smell which is kind of refreshing, I think it could be the Camellia scent.

3.  Hair seems easier to comb and go through compare to before use.

Matrix Biolage Reinvention CORE Range will be available in selected Matrix Salons around Malaysia and also at SHINS

or get it on Lazada here :

Thanks to Tammy and The Butterfly Project Malaysia for this amazing opportunity to use this awesome shampoo again....


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