Dec 17, 2014

Simply Delicious meals at Simplyd

My hubby's attention was arrested at the bright and inviting deco of Simply D as we were headed for the Rasa Food Court at the Curve recently.

So we decided to have out lunch there instead 

For those like me who have not been to Simply D, Simply D is a pretty cool new express eatery serving wholesome, fuss-free foods. It is the newest branch of the Delicious group that offers  customized noodle dishes along with a wholesome menu of healthy, tasty sandwiches that are a great alternative to the usual fast food joints.

The eatery was bedecked in orange and orange with brown wooded furniture . It was soothing to the eyes and definitely attractive. The walls were also blue with orange shelves with retro/ antique items placed on them for decorative purposes 

Once we were seated, the waiter came by asked us if it was first time visiting, as he handed out the menu. And when we nodded affirmatively, he certainly was quick to explain how the menu works and also the ordering system. You just have to order whatever you want and pay for it at the cash register, and then take a seat and the food will be delivered to your table.

The menu at Simply D is pretty unique,it encourages you to custom make your meal to your needs. You’re encouraged to mix and match your meal and drinks. All you need to do is choose a cooking style from a selection of sauces or soups, and pair with various pastas or noodles. Adventurous eaters can even combine half portions of sauces with various pasta. Even your drinks can also be mixed with different flavours with options for less sugar and ice.

My husband did not want something too heavy, so he decided to go for the light and healthy  smoked salmon sandwich with Caper Cream Cheese (RM13.50). With fresh crunchy cucumber and lettuce, there is just a light coating of cheese but just enough to enhance the taste of the fish. It's clean and simple eating. 

When ordering, you can also opt to add on RM5.00 here for a choice of a chicken or mushroom skewer and a choice of ice lemon tea or lemonade, which is pretty much value for money.

I added on a chicken skewer for this and the chicken tasted delish!!! I loved that chicken!!!

For myself, I ordered the Mushroom, Tomato and Pesto sandwich (RM12.50) . It tasted just perfect on my tastebuds, as I loved sauteed mushrooms lots and I really relish the taste of sauteed mushroom with refreshing pesto together.

My little girl ordered the Roasted Garlic and Sundried Tomato Spaghettini Aglio Olio(RM11.00) The taste was there but I think it was a bit too dry. I added on a Mushroom Skewer and a lemonade for this for the additional RM5.00

There was a promotion on going for the month of December where we got a free voucher redeemable for a cup of ice cream . 

The ice cream was something like a soft serve icecream but very flavourful and yummy. We ordered both the strawberry flavoured one and also the chocolate flavoured one... 

I definitely like the place and the food and will be back again for a second or third helping soon...

Do check it out yourselves :-

Lot 158 First floor
The Curve
6 Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara
+6 03 7733 6256

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