Dec 2, 2014

National Day of Romania celebration at the Residence at Ritz Carlton

So yours truly was invited to attend the National Day of Romania with the diplomats and their associates at the Residences at Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur

Naturally, I was excited, as of the many Central and Eastern European countries, Romania has been and still is a country that fascinates me. It is a middle sized country but it is the largest country in the region of South Eastern Europe.

Romania is situated in South Eastern Central Europe, North of the Balkan Peninsula, and lies within and outside the arch of the mysterious Carpathian Mountains, on the lower Danube, bordering on the Black Sea...

Romania is also neighbours to five other countries, the Republic of Modolva, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro and Hungary, as well as the Black Sea.

There were food a plenty at the ballroom at the Residences at Ritz Carlton and we were treated to an exclusive fashion show featuring beautiful one of a kind designs by the Chief Creative Officer and Head Designer, Narcisa Pheres.

PHERES is an exclusive luxury brand offering quintessential fashion with high quality fabrics and materials. Prices start as low (or is it high...) as 2,000 Euros for just a gentleman's tie. Yours truly will never be able to afford such high end luxury but she can very well admire them...

The designs are surely gorgeous . The key message associated with PHERES is elegance, sophistication and stylish high- end fashion entirely HANDMADE in Italy.

For your information PHERES has accumulated many brand ambassadors who are celebrities, CEO's, Diplomats, Miss Universe, Miss World, Top Professionals and Famous Sportspeople...

Personally I think the designs are so dreamy and gorgeous. I wish I was a multi millionaire and could afford this....

There were lots of food all around, wine, juices, soft drinks, desserts....and a couple of lovely cakes from well wishers, namely Bitdefender Malaysia and also Ritz Carlton on display.

There were also several art pieces scattered all around the ballroom on easels and on the wall. 

There were the work of Lavinia Burcea, a Romanian Artist. Her passion for art was cultivated during her childhood. She grew up in Romania and spent lots of time at her family's beautiful countryside farm and vineyard, thus her inclination towards natural themes.

Lavinia currently resides here in Kuala Lumpur.

Then naturally, as for all functions and events, it was a time to mingle and feast.

There were some of the Diplomat's children who were simply so adorable

HE Constantin Volodea Nistor, the Ambassador of Romania to Malaysia (seated-far right)

Guests, enjoying the buffet spread which included dishes like...stuffed cabbage, polenta, chicken snitzel and also fried cheese....

For those of you who do not know much about Romania, Bucharest is it's capital city.  Romania is rich with history and also many interesting sights to visit. Among them is the Greek colony of Histria, Sibiu, a medieval town in Southern Transylvania, the famous Bran Castle (or Castle Dracula as many people like to believe), Voronet Monastery in Northern Moldavia and many, many more!!

It was definitely a great evening with Diplomats,Foreign Dignitaries and their associates, great food, beautiful clothes and amazing art all in a beautiful setting.....

Thank you to Ms Paris Ashiqin and also Destination Malaysia for the invitation as well as the Embassy of Romania for allowing me to partake in their beautiful and colourful National Day celebration here in Malaysia.

I hope I am fortunate to some day experience the real Romania in the beautiful historical country..... Happy National Day to all Romanians

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