Dec 21, 2014


4 x More Anti-Oxidant Effects Than Vitamin C  & 3 x More Brightening Effect!

Many women invest a lot of time and money into their skincare regime in the hope of achieving bright and youthful skin. So much so some women spend hours in front of the mirror everyday diligently following going through with their daily 7-step skincare routine, but yours truly here is self confessed slightly lazy and like to go through my skincare routine as quickly as I can, so I must tell you that getting to know the Laneige's new and improved Clear C Advanced Effector was truly heaven sent for me.

Yours truly was invited to a media briefing on Laneige's new and improved Clear C Advanced Effector at TWG Tea at the Gardens Mall recently. 

I learned that I can have translucent and clearer skin with Laneige’s new and improved Clear C Advanced Effector because it nourishes my skin with 4 times more anti-oxidant than regular Vitamin C and with 3 times more brightening effect. A revolutionary creation by Laneige, this improved Vitamin C Brightening Boosting Essence contains Acerola and Acai Berry that give my skin a boost of Vitamin C to reveal bright, clean and youthful skin. It is free from artificial coloring, mineral oil and animal-based ingredients.

Yaaaaayyy , that is exactly why I said it was heaven sent!!!!

All you need to do is use it as the first skincare step after cleansing your face. The Clear C Advanced Effector will restore skin’s energy and boost the effects of your subsequent products. I like that the essence provides instant moisture upon application, yet is non-greasy, and very suitable for all skin types. I also love that it absorbs quickly into my skin.

The Clear C Advanced Effector comes with a box of cotton pads, which comes in two distinctive sides i.e the patterned side offers a revitalizing effect and the densed side gives the skin a moisturized feeling upon application.

Morning application: Use the patterned side with cushiony texture for a refreshing feel. This type of application promotes soft smooth skin texture as it is gentle to the skin.

Up & Down Rhythm Care -Dispense 3 pumps on a cotton pad, insert the pad in between the middle finger, and blot off the face rhythmically upward and downward to tidy up skin texture and create brighter and healthier skin tone by improving blood circulation.

Step 1: Up & Down Texture Care for Smoother Skin - 
I.Wipe upward, starting from the center of the chin, working toward the temple area.
II.Gently wipe downward, starting from the forehead line toward the chin line. Repeat the same on the other side of the face. 

Step 2: Down & Up Circulation Care for Brighter and Healthier Skin -
I.Wipe downward along the nose bridge and nostrils area where blackheads and sebum are common, starting from the upper area toward the lower area. This step will even out skin tone.
II.To keep skin looking revitalized all day long by promoting blood circulation, wipe upward starting from the neck area toward the face.

Night application: Use the dense side with a silky texture for a moisturizing feeling. This type of application purifies and promotes clear and transparent skin overnight as the anti-oxidant substances penetrate effectively into the skin. 3-Step - Stroking → Pressing → Moisturizing Care .

Step 1: Stroking Care: Rapid Penetration of Anti-oxidant By stroking the skin with a cotton pad, starting from the center of the face working outward, the antioxidant substance of Clear C Essence can be effectively absorbed deep into skin.
I.Stroke the skin, starting from the center of the chin toward the temple area. Repeat the same on the other side of the face.
II.Gently stroke the forehead area toward the right and left side respectively

Step 2: Detail Care: Tight Care around Facial Contours By pressing the cotton pad onto the face areas where there are curves such as the nose area, the essence can be effectively absorbed into the skin.

Step 3: Moisturizing Care: Moisture Care Deep into Skin To let the remaining Essence penetrate deep into skin, wrap the entire face with both hands and gently press.

The Clear C Advanced Effector is perfectly designed with the nourishing effects of Vitamin C to equip our skin with anti-oxidants to reveal brighter, clearer skin with a lower aging rate. Among the great features of this product include:

1)Superberry Extract The Clear C Advanced Effector contains 92.5% of Superberry Extract, a formula that is proven to have 4 times more anti-oxidant effect than Vitamin C. This is achieved by stabilizing Acerola and Acai Berry extracts with Silicium Capture Technology™ a simulation technology of anti-oxidant water which remains the secret of the longevity of the Hunza villagers. Acerola, also known as West Indian Cherry contains 65 times more Vitamin C than orange. It is a natural skin brightening essence that prevents skin discoloration such as pigmentation and freckles. Similar to Acerola, Acai Berry too has a strong anti-oxidant function. It contains 3.3 times more anti-oxidant effects than red wine.

2) Silicium Capture Technology™
This unique technology by Laneige is a newly developed anti-oxidation system based on porous silicate by using Hunza water as a model. The people from the Hunza village in Pakistan believe that you can live up to a 100 years if you drink Hunza water from the Hunza village. This water is rich in natural Colloidal Silica and the secret of the longevity of Hunza villagers is from such milky water. According to various analyses, particulate Colloidal Silica particles contained in Hunza water have charged surfaces that can absorb minerals and hydrogens. Therefore, they possess a high anti-oxidant retention ability by absorbing hydrogen negative ions.

3) Improved Essence Container
To avoid wastage, the container discharges 2.5ml of essence with just 3 pumps, which is the ideal amount for each application. Besides that, the smart container ensures the essence is not exposed to air, thus assuring good product hygiene.

After using it for a couple of days, I am in love. Laneige’s revolutionary Clear C Advanced Effector is the perfect addition to my skincare regime with its amazing anti-oxidant properties which promotes brighter, clearer and more youthful skin. I also like the fact it does not really smell so astringent like some of the toners etc do but instead smell slightly of lemons etc..  I definitely love this smell more then my SK2 essence... heheheh.....

The essence will also be perfect in these combinations tailored to different skincare needs:

1)Pair Clear C Advanced Effector with White Plus Renew Original Essence to have 3.45 times more brightening effect.

2)For a long-lasting moisturizing effect from a moisturizing film adhering closely to your skin, use Clear C Advanced Effector with Water Bank Essence_EX together with Water Bank Moisture Cream_EX or Water Bank Gel Cream_EX

3)To enjoy moisturizing and nourishing effects deep into your skin, a 4-step regime is necessary. Pair Clear C Advanced Effector with Skin Refiner, Balancing Emulsion, Water Bank Essence_EX and lastly the Water Bank Moisture Cream_EX or Water Bank Gel Cream_EX to achieve it.

The Clear C Advanced Effector, 150ml (RM145) will be available at all Laneige beauty counters starting January 2015, so go get yours now!!!! 

It is definitely going to be my new best friend for a while....


  1. I'm a huge fan of Laneige products and Clear-C Effector is one of my favourite skincare item from the brand. When I saw this product has been upgraded to 3 times more of the goodness of the Acerola and Acai Berry extracts compared to the one I've been using for the past year, I know that I have to get the new one as well. Such a small difference when it comes to the price as the old version only costs me RM122. Good job, Laneige!
    Thanks so much for sharing! So nice to see such a wonderful event.


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