Dec 5, 2014


The Only Sunscreen in the Market with the Highest SPF & PA and yet Ultra Light! 

Over exposure to UVB rays will result in red, sunburnt and skin darkening while constant exposure to UVA rays weakens the elasticity of the skin and causes the outer layer of the skin to thicken, dry and become leathery. After a while, skin starts to sag and deep wrinkles would form. Therefore, sun protection when you are going for long hours of outdoor activities is necessary to maintain healthy looking skin.

The ever popular Sunplay SPF130 the brand that is well known for its highest SPF is now upgraded from PA+++ to PA++++ to provide the highest PA rating for better and longer protection against harmful UVA rays (also known as the aging rays) which can penetrate deep into skin layers and lead to signs of premature skin aging, including fine lines, deep wrinkles and uneven skin tone. 

According to the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association UVA protection factor for each grading of PA are listed below:

UVAPF                          Protection Grade
2 to less than                4 PA+
4 to less than               8 PA++
8 to less than               16 PA+++
16 or more                     PA++++

Which means that 4PA+ will be able to protect you from UVA rays by 16 time or more

Besides, Sunplay SPF130 also comes with the new advanced 3-in-1 Solarex-3 technology to provide you with the ultimate sun protection

1.    Photostable: Comprising 7 UV filters which is proven to resist photo-degradation and does not breakdown easily under the sun thus able to provide stable broad spectrum protection against UVA & UVB which causes skin darkening and sunburn
2.    Anti-Aging: Enriched with RonaCare Ectoin from Germany and Golden Seaweed Extract from France to help protect against sun damage and signs of skin aging caused by UV rays.
3.    Anti Dryness & Hydration: With Hyaluronic Acid that effectively hydrates and locks-in moisture on skin to provide all-day hydration. Hyaluronic Acid has water binding capabilities which retain moisture, giving skin a natural suppleness.

So light and yet so powerful, the Sunplay SPF130 PA++++ is ideal for long hours of outdoor or water activities. The unique Japan Watery Liquid formulation gives it an ultra light, water-like texture without the greasiness. It also absorbs easily into the skin upon application. It is also formulated to suit Asian skin and is safe to be used on the face and the body.

The Sunplay SPF130 PA++++ (35gm) is now available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets selling at RM39.90

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