Dec 31, 2014

Contact lenses at your finger tips..

Are you one of those who have problems with your sight? There are those who are long sighted, and those who are short sighted. I am one of those who are short sighted, probably due to a whole lot of watching TV too close and reading too much. Or it could also be genetic as both my parents wear glasses.

Anyway, I do wear glasses but with my plain looks, wearing glasses just makes me more of a nerd, so being sometimes vain, and wanting to look pretty, contact lenses play a vital part in my life. 

Recently, I was introduced to Mr Lens by the Caterpillar Chapter by the Butterfly Project Malaysia. Excited, I quickly log on to the website: and found quite a lot of choices and selection of various brands and types of contact lenses available

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 I ordered two boxes of the Freshlook Illuminate Daily Disposables which comes in two colours, which is Jet Black  and Rich Brown. I preferred lighter eyes so I got mine in Rich Brown. Once I made my selection, I was sent to check out where I keyed in all the necessary details. 

I got an email almost shortly after from Mr Lens. It was pretty quick really, and even a tracking number. However since it was the holiday season,  Pos Laju had a delay in picking up the items, but when I email to inquire, Mr Lens instantly sent it out via a different courier and I got it the very next day!!!!
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This is my package from D -Two Couriers which sent me my package after Pos Laju failed to pick it up...

My package inside!! I got my contact lenses prettily packaged up with some useful coupons, brochures and even a nice Chupa Chup Lollipop!!! It was delightful and I really like the service. It is very convenient as well since I have high power short sightedness and I can't easily find my power in all optical stores. Usually they will require me to order it and then pick up in a day or two.

Now with Mr Lens I can just order it in the comfort of my home or office and get it the very next day...

And tadaa.... my contact lenses...see... the Freshlook Illuminate Daily Disposables I got here does make my pupils seem slightly larger and more attractive as well as give me a much better vision... hehehe

Do check out and follow MrLens Instagram as well as The Butterfly Project Malaysia Beauty Bloggers Community   for amazing opportunities and fun like this one!!!

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