Dec 9, 2014

amazing creative breakfast kids adore

Anne Widya is a mother of four who knows how to get her kids up and out of bed with her very creative breakfasts.

Two of Widya's children enjoying their super-fun breakfasts.

A cute sausage boy goes boating and another goes swimming in a sea of delicious fruits and veges and meet a cucumber orca.

Ready get set, let's eat our breakfast!!!Widya's on a roll with these breakfasts, that's for sure.

A hospital scene

A creative way to rev up your mornings... with a good breakfastQuick! Don't let the most important meal of the day get away.

The kids favorite Hammy the Hedgehog.

Spiders, anyone???

Even these monsters look fun and yummy to eat.

It take Anne Widya about 30-45 minutes to create these for her four children every morning....I wonder how long it takes her kids to finish thinking about how fantastic their breakfasts were.
Aww! Aren't these just soooo cute and adorable??.Aww! What a delicious and nutritious way to start your morning.
(all pictures here are via Anne Widya's Instagram)
For more amazing pictures, check her out on Facebook and Instagram.

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