Dec 22, 2014


Every woman will always want to look their very best and will do anything they can to maintain it. From an assortment of skin care products, trips to beauty saloons, gym and even slimming centers. 
I would know , being one of them. even being just a simple person, I believe in looking good and wanting to look great. There are times I might just go with the lightest make up and there are times I want to dress and look the very best I can.

I just learnt that there are 3 beauty mistakes that we could have made in the past or are still making, even now. Makeup and women are inseparable because it acts as a tool to help them cover up their eye bags, pores or pimple scars easily. Skin care sure can make it go away but that will take a few days or weeks to fade away.
The fastest way a woman covers their face for a flawless look is by applying foundation. But the problem about foundations is that if you apply it wrongly, you will end up with a cakey makeup look. To solve this beauty mistake, apply some moisturizer onto your face, let it dry, or place a clean tissue on your face to half blot up the excess moisture or oil (like what I would normally do), and then slather the foundation smoothly on your face.

The second beauty mistake many women have made is the raccoon eyes. Yours truly here has definitely done this mistake before as well... This normally happens when you attempt to create a smokey eye look. And in experimenting it in their own way, sometimes we tend to spoil the whole appearance. 
To avoid making this mistake, we should check out the internet and watch makeup video tutorials over Youtube.

The next beauty mistake is when some women sprays on too much perfume. It is undeniable that a woman would want to fabulously fragrant from morning to night but with over powering perfume on, people will also distance themselves you, just as if you have body odour. 
Women should always only just spray a slight touch of fragrance under your arms, your neck and your wrist. Some ladies tend to spray perfume on too much because of not wanting the fragrance to fade away. 
The solution is to choose an EDP perfume which has a long lasting smell for women to wear all day long with confidence. If you are wondering where to get your new beauty items, do check out ZALORA as it offers a wide range of beauty products online for women from various well-known brands.    
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  1. Racoon eyes...hihi...yes, this is what usually happen if we dont follow the correct way.

  2. I done my fair share of racoon eyes before... hehehe


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