Oct 3, 2014

Food Review: My Mom's Chicken Rice

This is actually the first time I am here. I like chicken rice but well, as you know, not all chicken rice are really nice. My hubby likes the one at the Chicken Rice Shop. So this one is owned by celebrity Linda Oon

The menu was certainly colourful and there was a lot to choose from.

 I decided to try the chicken rice and my little girl went for the koay teow goreng.

The above picture is the interior of the shop. Oh, before I forget, this shop is located at the Tesco Extra at the Pandan Indah /along the road to MRR etc...

Here is the koay teow goreng. It is indeed nicely flavoured and just the right amount of chilli.

My little girl enjoying her koay teow goreng.

There are lots of newspapers articles framed on the wall of the owner of the restaurant. She is afterall a popular Malaysian celebrity.

My chicken rice. Ok. I had to wait for my chicken rice quite a while. Somehow the waiter seem to have forgot about my order since I see new customers who just arrived after me getting theirs first.

The taste of the chicken rice and the accompaniments were however great. I like the chicken rice served in a little cone like a nasi lemak. I like it here and will definitely come back for a second third time...

The price is also quite reasonable. A meal for 3 people is just about RM22.00

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