Oct 5, 2014

Don't take selfies when driving...

Taking selfies can be very dangerous and some people do seem to go to extremes to take some selfies. 

There has been various cases of accidents and death all because of people taking selfies. 

I love taking selfies too but I draw the line at taking it at dangerous places like in the middle of the road or even whilst driving or at weird and dangerous places as some people seem to do...

The latest case of a selfie accident would be of a MYVI or an Alza here in Malaysia yesterday...Rumoured to be somewhere along the North South Highway near Kuala Kangsar at about 11am.

The driver and his passenger on the left were supposedly busy taking selfies when their car was crashed into by a trailer.. And that is not a lovely sight. Actually it is pretty gruesome.

So dear friends.. Please DO NOT take Selfies to the extreme... And if you are driving, keep your eyes on the road not at the camera..

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