Oct 5, 2014

Unilever Food Solutions stirring up great new 1-step products

Yours truly here is definitely one of those lazy cooks at home sometimes, and well, it is because of my busy life juggling work, events, motherhood and all.  Because of this I tend to rely a lot on 1-step products to help me whip up and simple yet delicious meal for the family.

A beautiful dragon ice carving...

The atmosphere and the guests

I was blessed to be included in the Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) invitation list to attend this prestigious dinner event  Unilever Food Solutions  'Stir Up a Wokful of Dishes' along with my blogger friend Ellie aka Cleffairy.

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) is the food service division of Unilever. Did you know that UFS is only food manufacturing company in the world to employ over 500 chefs including 4 in Malaysia?

Some of the 1-step product being introduced...
Knorr Rock Sugar Honey Sauce

The normal, tedious old fashion way of doing things of making a Rock Sugar Honey Sauce....

The new innovative way ....
 The Knorr Golden Salted Egg Powder

The amount of eggs........

...all in on packet!!! Amazing huh!!
Knorr Mashed Potato

Would you like to peel all these potatoes , then boil it and mash it up.....

.... Or would you prefer to use this easy and simply way made with quality potatoes too....
 Knorr Lime Seasoning Powder
How would you like to squeeze all these lime......

...Or just use a teaspoon or two of this in your tom yum soup and any other items...

As one of the world’s top food service companies, UFS provides professional ingredients and services to meet the many different needs of our customers — from hawker centres to 5-star hotels; and from school canteens to large food chains — in 74 countries. We help chefs all over the world serve tasty, wholesome meals that keep guests coming back for more.

These lamb skewers were really to die for . It was made with Knorr Rock Sugar Honey Sauce!! One was just definitely NOT enough...

This Tuna roll was made from Knorr  mayonnaise. Just perfect....

Some of the absolutely irresistible canapes made from Knorr 1-step products... This dumpling was made with the Knorr Golden Salted Egg Powder and tasted like a dream....
Note: (my apologies) I did not get the exact name for the canapes.. but they were really lovely!!!

There were hundreds of chefs, guests and media at the event and everyone had a truly memorable evening enjoying canapes and also a sumptuous multi-course fine dining cooked with Knorr  range of 1-step products including the newly introduced Knorr range of Golden Salted Egg Powder and the Rock Sugar Honey Sauce.

UFS Managing Director Matt Wilkes giving a speech
See here for a short Instagram clip of UFS Managing Director Matt Wilkes Starting the event

See here for a short Instagram clip of the amazing performance of the drum performance

UFS Malaysia Managing Director, Matt Wilke said: " This evening's Stir Fry Creations Celebrations serves to launch the two new products and more importantly , pay tribute to all the chefs who are committed and have the initiative to find new ways of cooking plus presentation from the chefs"

the menu

"Imperial Majestic" with Five Happiness combination platter

South China Sea Kingdom

Phoenix of the Chamber

Happiness from Blue Ocean

Golden Symphony of  the Dancing Prawn

Harvest of Spring

The Knorr Golden Salted Egg Powder, is a revolutionary product that not only provides a wonderful tasty one-step dish  base for salted egg dishes while saving on time, labor and cost savings, with consistent quality and supply plus also uses quality pasteurized eggs and the latest drying technology.

The Knorr Rock Sugar Honey Sauce is a highly versatile 1-step premium honey sauce and gives food an inviting sheen and aromatic sweetness, and is made from real Australian honey and yellow rock sugar.

Consumers can enjoy both highly versatile products with a peace of mind as they are certified Halal, and have received the global food safety system of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) accreditation for quality assurance.

Group photo off all the chefs and UFS Managing Director Matt Wilkes

UFS, through Chefmanship Academy has all these while been leading the way by emphasizing on food hygiene and sharing business knowledge with thousands of food operators in Klang Valley, namely with Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ), Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) and Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) including the ALor Setar City Council (MBAS)

Unilever Food Solutions is the food service division of Unilever.

UFS ingredients are some of the staples of professional kitchens in 74 countries around the world: Knorr, Lady’s Choice, Lipton, Planta and more. They’ve been in food since the 1880s.

In Malaysia as in elsewhere, UFS create ingredients that save precious preparation time in the kitchen, without compromising on flavour or flair. And they constantly provide ideas and inspiration, not just to keep menus fresh and exciting but to help customers get that critical balance right between impressing guests and making a profit.

Unilever Food Solutions is committed to sustainable growth whilst making a positive impact on the food service industry. That means creating healthy, nutritious ingredients using sustainably-sourced packaging that generates less waste. It also means providing services that help chefs and operators run a more sustainable kitchen with healthier menu options for diners. It’s a socially and environmentally friendly way of doing business. 

Some other candid shots at the event...
Chef Hanif with Ellie

The VIP table

Entertainment of the evening

Some chefs being interviewed by Angel Wong Chui Ling

Last but not least, thank you UFS for having me at your event.  I am impressed by everything from the food preparation, taste and the entire event.

Signing off for now


  1. Lucky you.... so much of good foods. :)

    1. Yeah agreed... lucky me.. the food was great... and sumptuous.....


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