Oct 7, 2014

Muezza my cat pays a visit to Muezza Veterinary Clinic

My tabby cat, a cross Siamese kinda cat, has been unwell for the past couple of days or so. I noticed it when I was washing the cat cage she lives in. 

First of all, she is normally very vocal when she sees me or my daughter because she would want to be let out into the house. But she had been really silent the past few days. 

The second worrying clue was she would panic when she get splashed by water and would jump out of the way but yesterday when she was on the ground floor of her cage and got splashed a bit by the water, she hardly moved, and just cringed. That was certainly NOT a good thing.

And the final straw was when I let her into the house, she was truly listless and just lay quietly in one corner instead of chasing her brother all over the house like she normally would do. So we decided to bring her to the vet to for a check up.

And so we bundled her into her carrier and loaded her in the car.

We took her to the Muezza Veterinary Clinic/ Services at the Diamond Square, off Jalan Gombak. There were many furry patients waiting to see the doctor. Mostly cats and a rabbit too...

The services offered I think are quite reasonable. They offer boarding, neutering, grooming and also vaccination. See above picture for pricing.

We had a little wait as there were 3 cats and 1 rabbit before it was Muezza's turn. When the veterinarian called her in, she was shivering,  but the doctor and his assistant was very efficient. They checked Muezza's temperature, and also appetite by offering her some food, and all her vitals stats including her mouth, eyes and ears.

The doctor, Dr, Ahmad Razeen said Muezza probably was recovering from a fever or virus but definitely recovering. He gave her an injection and some pills which he fed her with no trouble at all and said she should be all well in about 2-3 days.

The visit set me back RM65 (inclusive some flea medicine and fungus medication for Beebo, Muezza's other half) which I think is pretty reasonable.

For your information, and for those who are extremely particular, this clinic is certified Halal too...

And... after that, we settled her back into her carrier and took her home...

.... and everything is alright..... as Muezza gets cuddled at home by my little daughter....huhuhu

If you want to check out the Vet, here is the address:

Klinik Veterinar Muezza
1-0-4, Jalan 2/50, Diamond Square
off Jln Gombak
53800 Kuala Lumpur

Open daily from 10am -7pm (except Fridays)


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    1. thank you... memang "princess" dan "diva " jugak kuching ni....

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