Jul 27, 2014

A small birthday party for a small budget

My little girl turned 10 and despite not wanting to celebrate, we decided to have a tiny party for just family members. Initially it was just supposed to be the immediate family members which is my hubby and me and our kids minus my son who is in Penang, but then we added on by inviting her god mother, and also aunty, grandmother and two cousins who were around.

I wanted to surprise her so for the whole day, much to her annoyance, she was banned from the kitchen.

As for the menu, simple food, I got two large pizzas from pizza hut deals for about RM50, and two roast chicken from ayamas for les then RM50, daughter Suria cooked veges and chicken curry with rice, and we got some kuih from the bazaar ramadhan .

A simple but happy gathering for a little birthday celebration...

colourful balloons got from a bakery shop for RM5.90

the pretty Frozen theme cake made by her elder sister, Alyssa

my pathetic attempts at trying to recreate a lovely kit kat and m&ms cake

the decoration

birthday girl did not quite have a clue about the theme of her cake until it came out.

sisters forever... anne, alyssa and suria

anne, alyssa, suria and hazel, my niece

make a wish....

sorry guys, I have to blow the candles, you guys can pose...

cut the cakes....


this is love....

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