Jul 12, 2014

The strangest BFFs.. A bear, a lion and a tiger....

The lion, tiger and bear here are best pals alive and literally cannot live without each other.
They were rescued from the basement of a home in Atlanta, Georgia, during a 2001 drug raid and turned into Noah's Ark, a nonprofit animal sanctuary.
As the staff at Noah's Ark nursed the injured and malnourished cubs back to health, they decided to separate them.
"Three apex predators aren't supposed to live together," Kandi Allen, social media director at Noah's Ark.
But when separated, the three animals became lethargic, sad and wouldn't eat. So they were put back into the same enclosure and proved to be inseparable ever since.
They now live in a 2.5-acre enclosure with a natural waterway running through it, where they sleep, eat and even cuddle together. They also their own "club house" , a log cabin filled with hay on the inside and a lovely porch outside, where the trio often lounges around together.
This is the only known case in the world of three, distinct large predators who live in such proximity to each other.
The bear, Baloo, weighs 800 pounds and is the leader of the pack, which surprises Allen. "Typically, the tiger should be the leader, but here, it's Baloo."
Leo is an African lion and weighs about 450 pounds, and the tiger, Shere Khan, is the smallest in the group, weighing in at around 300 pounds. Because he is considered a small tiger, Allen says he's likely a Siberian tiger.
All three animals are male and are the same age. In fact, they celebrated their 13th birthday on the June 21 with a small party.
Amazing huh? Wish some people can get along like these...

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