Jul 28, 2014

Guys, what are you wearing for Raya?

Hmmm, nowadays it is not only the ladies who have choices to decide what to wear for
Raya whether it is a Kebaya, a Kurung or a caftan. THe guys are also coming out with
their own fashion which can be attractive or an eyesore. So do not be too startled when 
you come across these fashionable Raya 'Baju Melayu'. 
First up is the 'Arianna Rose's' leading actor Keith Foo's Jubah Qirana.

I guess it does look pleasant to the eyes, early Raya morning when you are headed to
 the mosque,  or if you are simply good looking like Keith Foo himself.
Sleeveless Baju Melayu 
If you have a macho body build with nice muscles, you can try this new sleeveless
Baju Melayu like  Hang Jebat from ancient Melaka. But be sure you have biceps that
 you can show off first before attempting this.

Baju Melayu Hipster

Who else other then Wak Doyok who dares attempt this, but you might be surprised.
 This is supposedly a more modern concept of the traditional baju melayu. And you do 
not have to pair the  top and the pants together with the same colour. You could dry 
different colours to make a difference
And not forgetting the Pelikat pants.... which started becoming very trendy this year..
don't be surprise a few people might just turn up wearing this with their new clothings 
or even with a  Baju Melayu top.

So there you have it..Now the question would be if you are daring to try this out back
home in front of your parents..... or just go for the original traditional Baju Melayu style
 shown below.. So  guys, what are you wearing for Raya?

And by the way, SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN to all my Muslim 
readers out here.....

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