Jul 6, 2014

An expensive mistake

Yours truly was busy checking her blood pressure which was pretty high at 155/107, because of the amount of stress and also the toothache I was suffering. It was 9.30pm the previous evening and getting worried, I took one of my husband's blood pressure pills.
I felt slightly better and the pressure went down and went to bed.

Next day I was popping panadol pain killers to numb the pain.
Come evening near buka puasa time.. Suddenly, I was kind of breaking out in cold sweat. My chest was a bit tight and my left arm felt numb. I was also feeling pretty faint and light headed with a hint of nausea.
Got pretty worried. After dinner, went home and check blood pressure again. It was about 143/92. Again I took a BP pill from the box.
But when I was trying to sleep I keep feeling anxiety and my numb arm wasn't quite helping.
Fearing for the worse, I told hubby I needed to see the doctor.
Most of the clinics were already closed. We manage to get in at the Gombak Medical Centre.
The nurse checked my BP and it was lower then earlier. Then because of my complaints, the doctor got me to do an ECG which came out OK.
She then admonished me after checking what happened and I told her I was taking my husband's Amlopidine medication. She said while it was OK and quite good to take the Amlopidine, as it also protects the heart, I should have just taken 1/2 of the dosage or better still 1/4 of the dosage. 10 mg was a bit of a shock to my body.
Lesson learnt. And it cost me RM107 for that lesson... Huhuhu..
If my high BP persists, I will go get my own prescription from the local clinic next week..

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