Jul 27, 2014

the amazing 11 year old artist

Duncan Krtolica, an 11-year-old, Serbian-born kid, is the next child artist. He creates simply amzingly detailed artpieces of numerous wildlife creatures and it’s way beyond what a normal 11-year-old can draw!

Duncan started drawing when he was just two years old and by the time he was eight, he already had two national solo exhibitions under his belt, which just shows how talented and gifted he is.
He has a strong fascination with animals and nature, which is what his drawings are all about. His broad knowledge of the animal world is simply mind blowing. From prehistoric flightless birds, early mammals and even  living ones today (land and sea), they can be seen in his artwork.
 Though he has an eye for drawing, his ambition is to become a zoologist.
“I would have studied animals and published a book about them, but I’m going to draw all of them”, said Duncan.
What do you think? Isn't he simply amazing??

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