Jul 16, 2014

Cat goes crazy and attacks owner

An American woman frantically called 911 after her feline attacked her and her husband. Teresa Gregory, who was trapped in the bathroom with her 46-year-old husband James, admitted that the cat might have gone 'crazy' after she stepped on it by mistake.
'She's never been like this,' the terrified woman told the dispatcher. 'I don't know what's happened to her. She freaked out on us today. She's sitting right there - there's no way to get out!'

Teresa Gregory said Kush, a 4-year-old Russian Blue had never acted that way before.
She also said that earlier that day, she had accidentally stepped on Kush’s tail and the cat retaliated against James, 46. Teresa Gregory said as a result, she put Kush in the bathroom “all day.”
When the cat was released, “she freaked out on us,” hissing, scratching and scaring them, Teresa Gregory said.
Teresa Gregory said both she and her husband were bleeding from scratches to their arms and legs but both later declined treatment.

Fierce: Kush the four-year-old Russian blue cat, pictured, allegedly attacked her owners in their Florida home on Saturday evening - prompting them to call 911 seeking help. She is now in quarantine

"We just need her out of her house. We don't know what to do," she said.
"I can't get to the door to let anybody in. There's no way to get out.
"I love this cat to death, but I've never seen her act like this."
Wounds: Police took photographs of scratches over the couple's arms and legs after the cat was caught

When an animal control officer arrived at the home, the cat hissed and tried to attack the officer. The animal control trapped the cat in the laundry room and used a catchpole to capture her.
The DeLand Animal Control officers then took Kush away to be quarantined at the Second Chance kennel, where she will be tested for rabies.
The Gregorys told the officer that Kush had never had any shots or vaccinations.
The cat so far had shown no signs of rabies, according to Michelle Realander at the Deland animal control office, adding that the Gregorys have indicated they might want to find it a new home.

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