Jul 17, 2014

Buka Puasa Ramadan Buffet at the Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, located at the right side of the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and right opposite the Fahrenheit 88 mall, in the heart of the Golden Triangle in Kuala Lumpur, features 468 guestrooms and delectable all-day dining at the The Mill Café.

This year the Mill Café ushers in Ramadan with a sumptuous and delectable spread "Nikmati Juadah Balik Kampung" buffet which is definitely one of the best buffet spreads with a great variety of traditional Malay delights which is fresh and flavorful.

We were proud to be invited for the review of the very impressive Buka Puasa spread. we were welcomed into The Mill Cafe by Ms Sharmila Rajeswaran, the Manager of Marketing & Communications and the Executive Chef himself, Chef Laurent Lherisson

The "Nikmati Juadah Balik Kampung" buffet surely offers an extensive selection of traditional Malay dishes and regional specialties, along with appetizers, salads, condiments, breads, soups, main dishes, desserts and refreshments. Diners will feast on Malaysia favorites such as Oven baked Lemongrass Whole Sea Bass, Sea Food Tom Yam, Sup Kambing Mamak, Sotong Masak Lada Hitam, Ikan Keli Masak Berlada, Assam Pedas Ekor Lembu and so much more.

At the entrance itself , we were already wowed by the spread of traditional Malay and Nyonya kuih spread. There were so many to choose from. All the traditional favorites like Buah Melaka / Onde-Onde, Pulut Tai Tai, Kuih Lapis, Putu Bambu, Doughnuts etc...etc...

Can anyone resist this? A huge wok of Banana Fritters/ Pisang Goreng, Goreng Sukun, Goreng Cempedak and such...

This is one of very best, the succulent, tender Roast Lamb accompanied by Black Pepper sauce, Rosemary Hollandaise and Mint Sauce. We were honored to have Executive Chef Laurent Lherisson carve the lamb for us.

 This is the mouth watering Oven baked Lemongrass Whole Sea Bass. It looks great and it tasted even better.

A big wok of fried delicacies – telur ikan, quail (puyuh), crabs, prawns and calamari is another of the highlights on the overall spread. These can be quite addictive, especially for fans of fried food like some people I know.. A blogger friend with me was seen unable to resist and took a huge plate of this.... 

The soup tureen... Care to have some spicy Sup Kambing Mamak or some Seafood Tom Yam?
Selection of bread..

 These are the roasted Eggplants/ Brinjals and Raisin Couscous with Vegetable and Chickpeas. 

Penne Pasta with some Zucchini Pesto Sauce,me thinks .. I did not try this out although it looks awefully tempting as I was so full after about 2 and a half plates of food and another plate of dessert

On the left is the Tumeric Buerre Blanc Fish Fillet and on the right, Black Pepper Chicken with slices of shitake mushroom. The fish was melt in your mouth tasty with the sauce and the chicken had just the right amount of black pepper and just as tender.

Selection of grilled fishes with sauces. and sausages

For satay lovers... you should not miss this!!! Comes with all the condiments you want.

Some Indian food selection. The Chicken Vindaloo tastes lovely and so did the Tandoori Chicken. There is just so many dishes to choose from.

Additional sauces and condiments

These is the Malay section with a lot of spicy and tasty food which are hard to resist

These are the Sotong Masak Lada Hitam and Ikan Keli Masak Berlada. 

The dish on the left is definitely a specialty of the Mill Cafe as well as it is a rare dish hard to find anywhere else, the Assam Pedas Ekor Lembu and on the right is Ketam (Crab) Lemak Cili Api Dengan Nenas 

This is a new take on the trational Nyonya Otak-Otak (made with fish), normally wrapped in banana leaves. It was surprisingly lovely. I finished mine in no time at all

 For Japanese food enthusiasts, do not forget to check out the selection of Maki and the Chasoba. I liked the Salmon Sashimi. 

The selection of Cold Seafood, Prawns, Oysters and Scallops with choice of sauces 

 Lots of ulam-ulaman, sambal, lemang, ketupat palas, serunding can be found here. As mentioned before, the selection is generous and there is something for every one of all palates.

Freshly cut fruits such as papayas,  watermelon, melons as well as traditional fruits like Jambu Air, Salak/ Snake Fruit, Rambutans and Pear .


The dessert table is to die for... There are just so many to choose from and they are all so sinfully tempting...errrm.. Diet? Yeah, yeah.. I will start tomorrow....  How can I diet with all these beckoning me? 

The Mills Cafe here also serve a selection of unique Indonesian layer cakes found nowhere else.. not especially with flavors like Pandan, Cempedak, Chocolate and Durian!!! Be sure to try it!!! It is  really unusual but delicious.


Cookies.. there are 4 bags of freshly baked in front of your eyes cookies to choose from. How can I resist?

The Cherry Clafoutis is lovely . It reminds me of bread and butter pudding but much lighter 

This is the Apricot Pie

 Anyone for some tasty Fruit Crumble?


As for the drinks bar, you will be spoilt for choice between the Sweet Corn drink, the Honey Dew drink, Sugar Cane, Roselle juice, Barley and the Soya Cincau here as well the normal coffee and tea.

A view of the dessert corner, and on top of the desserts I mentioned, there is also a chocolate fountain where you can dip marshmallow, grapes or apricots in, and lots of jelly, creme caramel and even jelly kelapa/ coconut jelly which is so refreshing and cooling to break your fast with and which I learn is also very popular and goes off the tray like hot cakes. So if you are lucky to see a glass, grab it before it disappears.

What are you waiting for? Want a fabulous and luxurious place to break your fast? Break your fast here at the Mill Cafe. You will be more then satisfied. The Mill cafe is certified Halal.

The " Nikmati Juadah Balik Kampung" Buffet Ramadan is on going from now until 28th July 2014

* Buffet Dinner is served daily from 7 pm to 10pm
* RM108++ per person (Adult)
  RM54++ for children ages 5-12
  Complimentary for children below 4 years of age.

For reservations, please call 03 2117 4163 or email mill@grandmillenniumkl.com

Address: 106, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2117 4888

Bye for now... and thank you Ms Sharmila and the Mill Cafe for the  mind blowing, delicious dinner

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