Jul 26, 2014

Glass half full but counting my blessings

I often bemoan the fact I have so little. I do not have fancy branded bags or clothing etc. I bemoan the fact I do not get to travel enough, not as much I would love to. I do complain of little things and missing out on a lot of what I think makes a good life.
But when I stop, take a few moments to really contemplate what I have in my life, I would be very ungrateful if I did not know how to count my blessings.

I am lucky and I have a reasonably good life. Far better then half the world's population I guess. I have a comfortable bed, good clothing to wear, delicious food every once in a while, have travelled quite a bit in life, etc..etc..
While I have my fair share of bad moments that gives me shivers and nightmares, I am still lucky in life. I have beautiful and great kids/step kids.. I have a good husband, I have a wonderful cousin who backs me up, I have a reasonably good "job" with lots of time for my family... Have been to many wonderful places in this world and live to tell the story. Got embroiled in nefarious people but safely detached myself from them in one piece.
I guess I have to pay for some my sins what ever I may have done this life or even my previous life and learn from my mistakes and such.
Thank you God for giving me a reasonably good life despite my shortcomings. May you continue guiding me in the right direction etc...and teach me to count my blessings further....

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