Jul 29, 2014

TV3 host in coma

Not many people are aware that TV3 journalist/host and blogger, Mazidul Akmal Sidik has been in a coma for more then a month now. 
This was posted by his friend/ co worker and crime analysis Kamal Affendi Hashim through his Facebook.

Mazidul is in an ‘induce coma’ and is undergoing treatment at the Pantai Medical Centre. However there has not been any official statements or report on his condition

Rumor has it that  he suffered a very high level of stroke or possible cerebral aneurysm from consuming the Musang King durian despite having high blood pressure and had neurosurgery. (Neurosurgery being- Depending on a person’s risk factors, open surgery may be recommended. Patients are placed under general anesthesia, an opening is made in the skull, the brain tissue is spread apart, and the aneurysm is surgically exposed. Then the neurosurgeon places a surgical clip around its base. The clip seals off the aneurysm so blood can’t enter. For an uncomplicated surgical clipping procedure, the hospital stay is usually four to six days. Full recovery usually takes several weeks to months.)
 but this is just a rumor unless someone can confirm it.

Anyway I pray that he will recover soon, and well and be back on duty again.

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