Jul 26, 2014

Empress Ki -Recap Episode 11-20

Danashri gives Ki the brown powder, Ki asks if it’s poison. It seems to be something that will only harm the baby. She tells Ki if she does this, she will prepare the papers for Ki to live outside the Palace but if there are any mistakes, Ki will die. Ki says to herself that Danashri is just as evil as Ki-Se is. She doesn’t see room leader Yeon-hwa watching her. Yeon-hwa is convinced Ki is trying to get promoted.

Ta Hwan talks to himself that Ki can’t be a girl, there’s no way he would lose to a girl! He then imagines Ki dressed as a woman, dancing and says she’s pretty. It makes him smile. Gol-ta wants to go inside since it’s cold but Ta Hwan smacks him, he can’t think because of Gol-ta’s nagging! He orders them not to follow him, he wants to be alone.

Ki stands alone, thinking of Wang Yoo when Ta Hwan sees her. He comes closer and it about to touch her shoulder when she says “I miss you” out loud. He coldly asks who she misses, who is she thinking about? Gol-ta shows up with the entourage. Ki leaves. Ta Hwan asks Gol-ta about the search for Ki in Goryeo but is told it’s too soon to know anything yet.

The next morning, Lady Park arrives with Ki. Dowager Empress suggests Ta Hwan take a walk with Lady Park saying it’s good for a baby to hear the Father’s voice. Ta Hwan agrees – with his eyes only on Ki. As they walk, Lady Park tells him she can walk alone. He looks at Ki and then tells Lady Park she has a very kind heart. Morning sickness strikes Lady Park again which seems to confuse our Emperor.
Both Ki and Ta Hwan start to pat Lady Park on the back and their fingers touch. They stare at each other and Ki removes her hand. She looks up and sees Danashri watching this scene across the way. Danashri angrily asks her maid if she’s sure Ki gave the powder to Lady Park and demands Lady Park come to her quarters. She storms off saying it’s Ta Hwan’s fault that she’s become like this.
When Lady Park arrives, Danashri coldly says she wants to visit with Lady Park everyday since the baby will call her “Mother”, not Lady Park. She threatens Lady Park that if anything happens to the baby, she will answer to Danashri. An excuse for her to kill Lady Park later? She orders they eat together every day and to make her feel safe, she will even allow Lady Park’s staff to prepare the food.

But once outside the room, Lady Park and Ki discuss whether or not Danashri is suspicious. Ki let her in on Danashri’s evil plan! They decide not to tell Dowager Empress since there is no proof without putting Ki in danger. Lady Park thanks Ki but Ki reminds her that she forgave her crime – she owes her. Danashri’s maid watches Ki in the kitchen preparing food. Ki makes sure she sees her adding the powder. Once the maid leaves, Ki prepares another batch.

Lady Park arrives with Ki the next day with the treats, Ki nods to Danashri that everything is ready. Lady Park insists Danashri eat first and since she’s been told the powder will have no effect on someone who isn’t pregnant, she eats  without worry. Lady Park eats one too but we hear in voice-over that Ki informed her the ones with pine nuts on top contain the powder so she eats a different one. How nerve-wracking to sit across from someone you know is trying to poison you!

At the border, Wang Yoo and his men worry about Eunuch Bang and Yong-hyun who are still at the Turk’s camp.  They continue their scam, getting Bi-Soo to admit that she is General Batolu. Eunuch Bang admits that he knows they make noise everyday not only to disturb the soldiers. Bi-Soo is surprised which helps convince her that they are indeed “Masters of War” and not common swindlers.

Baek-Ahn and Tal Tal discuss tactics with everyone and inform Wang Yoo they will attack in two days. They want Wang Yoo and his men to serve as a decoy for Batolu while they attack the Turk’s camp. Wang Yoo is angry that they won’t tell him the whole plan while Ja-Hae is delighted, thinking Wang Yoo will be killed. Byung-Soo overhears Wang Yoo talking with Moo-song and tries to inform Baek-Ahn and Tal Tal that they’re up to something.

That night, when Moo-song appears to be missing, Byung-Soo tries again to say he was right but Moo-song appears – he was making more torches. Byung-Soo once again looks foolish. Wang Yoo and his men manage to send a message to Eunuch Bang using the torches right under Baek-Ahn’s nose. Back at the Palace, Ta Hwan wonders if that fellow would still be angry about his King being banished. I keep forgetting that he has no idea Commander Ki was her Father.

Cuteness between Gol-ta and Ta Hwan as he bathes, asking Gol-ta what’s taking so long to get information about that fellow from Goryeo? He splashes water on Gol-ta’s face and tells him to have Ki bring his snack – he will personally ask that maid himself. Poor Ki is again forced to pour tea while Ta Hwan stares at her facial features closely. He asks why she won’t look at him, doesn’t she like being with him? She replies that it’s not her place to look at the Emperor.

Ta Hwan orders her to look at him but then he can’t handle her intense stare.  He wonders again why he’s feeling this way and grabs his heart. Ki walks away, telling herself it won’t be good if he recognizes her. Hong-dan and Yeon-hwa show up to tell Ki that Danashri is looking for her. Danashri is laughing with delight that Lady Park loves the treats Ki made. Ki asks about the promise she was made but Danashri tells her after the baby is dead.

She then informs Ki that Lady Park will need a tonic – that tonic, acting together with the powder will kill the baby. Ki-Se sees Ki and asks if she is the maid they’re using to poison Lady Park. He knows Ki would never help them so he demands Yeon-hwa help, promising to make her a lady-in-waiting if she complies. Yeon-hwa is happy she’s finally getting a chance to improve her station. 
Yeon-hwa puts the poison in dumplings for Lady Park and takes the food to her. Eunuch Dok Man catches Ki-Se inside the women’s Pavillion watching Yeon-hwa and Ki, which makes him suspicious. Lady Park eats the dumplings while Yeon-hwa watches. That night, the drug works as Lady Park suddenly has to urinate all the time. Dok Man approaches Ki to inform her Ki-Se was wandering around earlier. Ki puts it all together.

Back at the battle for Silk Road, Eunuch Bang informs Bi-Soo of when/where the Yuan’s will attack next – the information he learned from the message Wang Yoo sent using the torches. He tells her the first attack, using Wang Yoo and his men is a false one meant to draw them out so that Baek-Ahn and his troops can attack the Turk’s main camp. Wang Yoo and his men arrive at the designated time and the battle begins. Bi-Soo believes that Eunuch Bang was telling the truth.

Baek-Ahn uses a mask which is the same as Batolu’s to gain entrance to the Turk’s camp. It works, they open the gates. Once inside, Baek-Ahn and his troops kill everyone. At the Palace, Dowager Empress shows up at the daily meeting between Tana Shiri and Lady Park. She says Lady Park is suffering from morning sickness and orders her to rest. Tana Shiri insists she eat but when Lady Park is almost sick again, she orders a tonic be prepared.

Dok Man watches the tonic being prepared while Ki-Se tells Danashri that after Lady Park drinks the tonic, they will spread the rumor that Lady Park faked her pregnancy and Dowager Empress is in on this trick. The tonic is ready but Yeon-hwa fights with Ki over who will take it, thinking Ki wants all the credit for herself. Yeon-hwa relents but Ki notices her smiling to herself once Lady Park drinks the tonic. Our  Emperor realizes that if Ki is that fellow, he doesn’t want to be near Ta Hwan.

Just then Gol-ta rushes in to tell Ta Hwan about Ki, he was traveling with the Goryeo King but he arrived at the Palace with the other concubine slaves. Ta Hwan shouts that he’s that maid. He’s disguising himself as a woman. Gol-ta tells the story of Ki saving the Goryeo King’s life and somehow became a woman.

Ta Hwan angrily says he won’t go looking for Ki anymore but the first thing he does is track Ki down in the kitchen. He storms into the room, staring at her with tears in his eyes.  He thinks back to hearing Ki say that she misses someone and wonders to himself if it’s the Goryeo King Wang Yoo that she misses so much. He doesn’t say anything else and leaves. Gol-ta informs him while he’s shooting arrows that Dowager Empress requested he visit Lady Park. At first he refuses since he doesn’t want to see Ki but he eventually goes.

While eating with Lady Park, food drips down his chin which Lady Park wipes away while Hong Dan snickers. He can’t take his eyes off of Ki, who helps serve. As he’s drinking, Ki comes closer until their faces are onlythisfarapart which makes Ta Hwan nervous. He looks up at Ki and then chokes on his drink.Ta Hwan’s got it bad. He orders a lavish feast for the musuli but Ki refuses to eat so he orders a private feast for just the two of them.

Ki gets up to leave when Ta Hwan grabs her arm. He realizes she hates him, he can see the contempt in her eyes. He releases her hand, looks at her again with tears and leaves. As he walks away, he wonders why his heart is beating so fast – is he more afraid of Ki than he is of Yeonchul? 

Baek-Ahn, Tal Tal and Byung-Soo are captured. Eunuch Bang congratulates Bi-Soo for winning and they order a feast for her men, including wine. The men end up passed out while Bi-Soo leaves to take a bath.  Eunuch Bang opens the gates to allow Wang Yoo and his men inside and they quickly defeat the drunken remaining Turks.

Danashri believes her plan is working since Lady Park appears to be getting sicker. She orders Ki to spread the rumor that Lady Park faked her pregnancy to win the Emperor’s favor . Ki hangs up a pair of Lady Park’s underwear with what appears to be menstrual blood on them while doing laundry. All the other girls start gossiping – how can Lady Park be having a period if she’s pregnant.

Danashrii confronts Dowager Empress about this, asking for an investigation. Dowager Empress immediately knows who is behind it but allows Danashri to go ahead with a re-examination of Lady Park. On the way to the exam, Lady Park passes out. Yeon-hwa brings this news to Dowager Empress and our Emperor who are waiting. This news delights Tana Shiri who says Lady Park is faking but it infuriates Ta Hwan who snaps at Danashri. She looks at him in shock and says he has no control over the Inner Court matters. He screams at her that it’s the Emperor’s order – there will be no re-examination and storms out. 

Eunuch Bang takes Wang Yoo to Bi-Soo’s quarters. He barges in and holds a sword to her throat. Bi-Soo calls Eunuch Bang a traitor. When Wang Yoo asks where Batolu is, Eunuch Bang informs him she is Batolu. A Doctor is brought in to examine Lady Park, he feels her wrist and says he can’t find the baby’s pulse. Dowager Empress almost faints, the Emperor tries to reassure her but she knows just how far Yeonchul will take things in order to gain control.

Sure enough, Yeonchul forces Ta Hwan to sign an order for the re-examination. Dowager Empress takes to the mat, to beg Ta Hwan not to do it. Yeonchul and Dowager Empress scream at each other and the Emperor. He finally cracks and yells at them to stop. He storms out – without giving the order. Ki follows Ta Hwan to inform him that Lady Park is ready to be re-examined but stops when she overhears him talking to her. He wishes out loud that he had just died back on that island.

When he turns, Ki is standing there. With tears in his eyes, he asks if she came to laugh at him? To tell him this is what he gets for betraying her? She stares at him without answering.

Ta Hwan yells at Ki to go ahead and laugh at him, laugh at him for being such a fool. Ki tells him she won’t do anything for him. Gol-ta arrives to inform Ta Hwan that they are re-checking Lady Park’s pulse – at the interrogation grounds. Palace maids, including our nasty Yeon-hwa help Lady Park get ready when Danashri’s evil maid arrives and has her dragged out.

Dowager Empress meets up with Danashri and Ki-Se, they exchange more  I love that neither of these women show fear! Danashri believes once it’s proven that Lady Park isn’t pregnant, she can banish Dowager Empress to a temple. 

Lady Park sits on a straw mat while the evil ones smirk and smile. Ta Hwan arrives, asking why this is being done here? Yeonchul tells him if she faked being pregnant, she must have had help. He threatens that they will skin her in needed to find out who helped her. He yells for the Royal Doctor to check her pulse while Danashri smiles to herself. The Royal Doctor is unsure at first which angers Yeonchul. He orders two more Doctors to examine her pulse but it’s clear – she is pregnant.

Danashri and Ki-Se’s eyes widen in shock, Ki-Se turns to room leader Yeon-hwa in fury, asking her what happened. She insists she watched Lady Park eat both medicines so it’s not possible! We see Ki smile and then see how it all happened in flashback. Ki approached Eunuch Dok Man and told him about the powder Lady Park had consumed – if they added licorice to the tonic, it would cause her to miscarry. Dok Man removed all the licorice from the tonic before it was sent to Lady Park.

When Lady Park passed out, Dok Man was able to tell the baby was alive but Ki wanted to make sure Tana Shiri learned a lesson so she hid beneath the covers. It wasn’t Lady Park’s pulse he felt – it was Ki’s. Naturally everyone assumed she had miscarried and Danashri could continue her lie.

Dowager Empress calls for Danashri to be punished but the most Yeonchul will endorse is kneeling to beg forgiveness. Dowager Empress argues for a full investigation, she and Yeonchul argue. Ta Hwan notices Ki-Se and Ki exchanging pointed glares
Ki-Se drags Ki into another room and accuses her of being behind it but before he can threaten anything, Ki pulls out the order she received from Danashri allowing her to leave the Palace – which is stamped with her Royal Seal.

She threatens Ki-Se that she will make Danashri’s treason public unless he lets her leave the Palace. When he scoffs that she dare make enemies with his family over the Goryeo King, she reminds him that it’s not about that: it’s because he killed her Mother. She hopes to never see his face again. Ki storms out of the room while Ki-Se tears up, asking himself if he’s really fallen for her. A door opens behind him and we see Gol-ta was listening!
Our evil Empress takes to the mat outside Ta Hwan’s quarters to beg his forgiveness. It begins raining but Ta Hwan doesn’t let her up yet which infuriates Ki-Se. Yeonchul has to hold him back from protecting his sister. When Ta Hwan finally shows signs of relenting, Dowager Empress implores him to first give Lady Park an official title. If Lady Park bears the Royal Heir, the court will side with Ta Hwan. She tells him this is how he can fight for power. Outside, Danashri vows revenge and then passes out. Lady Park is given an official title with blessings while Danashri is rushed inside.

Ki-Se informs Yeonchul that Danashri fainted while Yeonchul fumes that Lady Park was given a title. Ki-Se apologizes but Yeonchul throws a cup at him, telling him to never show weakness – not even in front of his Father. Just then, Wang Go arrives to tell Yeonchul his son Ja Hae returned and everyone is dead – including General Baek-Ahn and Wang Yoo.

At the border, Byung-Soo worries that things are too quiet. If Ja Hae did a surprise attack last night, why haven’t they been released? Tal Tal mentions that the attack they heard might not have been Ja Hae. Eunuch Bang and Yong-hyun walk up to the cage to surprise them. LOL at the look on Byung-Soo’s face. Tal Tal realizes these are the supposed “dead men” from Wang Yoo’s group. They’re tied up and taken to kneel in front of Wang Yoo. *does happy dance* YES!

The men want to kill these guys for using them as bait. Wang Yoo reminds Baek-Ahn of a conversation they had when he arrived – that they would both probably die out here unless they killed all the Turks (which he thought impossible). Baek-Ahn tells him to just kill them then, which makes Byung-Soo start whining.  Wang Yoo draws his sword but instead of killing them, he cuts the ropes off and orders horses  - announcing they depart for the Capitol city at once.

Baek-Ahn demands to know why they’re being spared? Wang Yoo calmly replies that he knows they would kill him if the situation were reversed but he’s not a Yuan man, he’s Goryeo and he’s not like them. Tal Tal asks about Batolu and they bring forward the body of Bi-Soo’s number one guy. We see the real Batolu, Bi-Soo riding away. In flashback, after Wang Yoo captured her, she asked why he was helping her? He said the only reason they were fighting was because of Yuan.

He wanted to meet with her to state his case. Since neither of them have a future, why don’t they build one together? She rides away, vowing to remember Wang Yoo.  Back at the Palace, Dok Man gives Ki a new set of clothing, she’s been promoted. The other girls clap while Yeon-hwa glares in jealousy. She’s given her own room. Ki-Se orders one of his men to kill her.

Ki looks at her release papers and vows to find Wang Yoo. Yeon-hwa tells her the head Eunuch wants to see her but it’s a trick to get her outside so the assassin can strike. Luckily, Gol-ta and some men were following and stop the attacker, knocking him out. Gol-ta tells Ki the Emperor wants to see her. Ta Hwan asks if they found Danashri’s letter and orders Ki searched. He burns the letter while Ki screams and cries, begging him not to.

Ki-Se if informed the assassin failed and that Ki was taken to see the Emperor. When Ta Hwan goes to speak with the assassin, they find that he’s committed suicide. He orders Ki to begin serving at the Imperial Palace the next day and angrily storms into Danashri’s quarters. He finds her up, dressed and with full make-up on.  He yells, demanding to know why she would do such a thing? She starts whining that she’s lonely and that Ta Hwan treats her coldly.

Gol-ta tells Ki she is now serving the Emperor and she must stay within 3 feet of him at all times. When she arrives, he orders her closer and closer until she finally just stomps up in front of him. He tells her to remain still, he’s going to draw her.He asks why she didn’t come find him when she arrived? And why did she hide that she’s a woman? Did she think he might see her as a woman and be attracted to her? 

She begs him to let her leave the Palace but he reminds her he told her not to move. Next we see her reading to Ta Hwan, he comments it was sad and she again asks to leave the Palace. He impatiently asks why bring that up again, why does she want to leave? She tells him to see her King.  He sadly asks if she still serves that King. He yells that she must serve him now but she replies that even if her body is here – she only has one master.

After she leaves, Ta Hwan says to himself that Yeonchul will kill her if she leaves – she’s safest if she stays with him and he calls her an idiot. Outside, Gol-ta coldly informs her that her Goryeo King is dead and if she treats the Emperor that way one more time, she’ll have to deal with him. Gol-ta then informs Ta Hwan that General Baek-Ahn, Tal Tal and the Goryeo King are all dead. When he learns Ki already knows, he says she must be heartbroken.

Ki sits alone in her room and cries that Wang Yoo is dead, remembering events from their past. She cries, asking why she should live now. Ta Hwan watches her crying.  Ta Hwan is filled with worry about Ki not eating and she looks ill. He orders her to be his food-tester from now on, which means she has to eat. He orders her to eat more when she only eats a tiny bit – how else can she tell if it’s poisoned?  He smiles as she eats but he ruins it by bringing up Wang Yoo.

That night, he forces her to walk with him reminding her to stay within 3 feet of him. He quickly turns around so that he’s right in her face and stares at her.  He smiles and then does it again. The last time, when he turns around, Ki is gone. He calls out her name, looking for her and when he turns around – she’s right there in his face. He’s all scared which makes her smile. 

Wang Yoo and his men are riding toward the city. Baek-Ahn wants to stop and rest but Wang Yoo says they will go on without them. Baek-Ahn wonders what his big rush is and is told by Byung-Soo that it’s because of Ki. They arrive in the city late and end up staying at the same place at Wang Go. Wang Go doesn’t seem surprised that Wang Yoo is still alive and tells him to be careful since the Palace is more deadly than the battlefield.

The next morning, Ta Hwan is calling for Ki when Gol-ta tells him she’s very sick. He rushes to her bedside and screams for the Royal Doctor. Ki is dreaming of Wang Yoo coming to see her but then being stabbed by Ki-Se. She reaches out her hand for Wang Yoo, which Ta Hwan grabs. Suddenly Soon-young rushes in to tell Ta Hwan that General Baek-Ahn is alive and also learns Wang Yoo survived. He looks sadly at Ki as she calls out for her King.

The next morning, Ki learns that Ta Hwan ordered the Royal Doctors to prepare medicine for her. Ta Hwan sits drinking, thinking about Wang Yoo winning the war against the Turks which seems to deepen his inferiority complex. When Ki arrives to serve him, he tells her to rest but orders her not to leave the Palace grounds.

Danashri is also informed the Goryeo King has an audience with Ta Hwan today and hears rumors that he’s a womanizer. She decides to send Ki to be his servant – in the hopes that he’ll rape her or something. Our Empress is still as evil as ever, she didn’t learn a thing from her time on the mat. All the Palace ladies gather to watch Wang Yoo and his men arrive. They stroll inside  while all the girls swoon and giggle but none of them see Ki.

Wang Yoo, Baek-Ahn and Tal Tal meet our  Emperor along with Yeonchul and his sons. They assume Baek-Ahn deserves all the accolades for defeating the Turks but he admits it was all Wang Yoo. Both are given monetary rewards and Baek-Ahn is also given the title of “Baghatur” which is equal to being Knighted or labeled a hero. Ki notices all the Palace ladies are excited about something, she’s told by Hong Dan that the deposed Goryeo King returned victorious and is inside the Palace. She runs to see for herself, shocked that Wang Yoo is alive.
As Wang Yoo and his men exit the Main Hall, Ki chases along beside, silently begging him to look her way.  This is the first time I’ve felt something from her regarding Wang Yoo! At the end, he does turn to look and he does see her but turns quickly away. Ki’s face falls in disappointment. In his room, Wang Yoo tells Eunuch Bang that he saw her but couldn’t do anything. Eunuch Bang offers to visit an old friend in the Palace to set up a meeting with Ki. Wang Yoo is informed that Ta Hwan wants a private meeting.

Ta Hwan reminds Wang Yoo what happened during his first visit inside Wang Yoo’s Palace – when Wang Yoo threatened him and shoved him to the ground. Wang Yoo brings up that he did everything in his power to keep Ta Hwan alive – to which Ta Hwan replies that it was Ki who kept him alive, not Wang Yoo.  Ta Hwan muses that Ki was a woman all along and now she’s one of his Palace maids. He asks if Wang Yoo wants to see her?

Wang Yoo asks him to let her return to Goryeo, she would be happier at home. Ta Hwan counters that he’s in charge of Ki’s happiness now but Wang Yoo says Ta Hwan isn’t even in charge of his own fate. Ta Hwan loses his temper, telling him to shut up. Wang Yoo tells him he knows Ki and things won’t go the way Ta Hwan wants. He leaves while our Emperor fumes.

Eunuch Bang meets with his old friend Eunuch Dok Man to set up a meeting between Wang Yoo and Ki. Reluctantly, Dok Man agrees and tells him where Ki’s room is. Ki is in her room, wondering if Wang Yoo saw her and wondering if he considers her just one of his subjects when Eunuch Bang knocks. They’re happy to see each other and he tells her a meeting has been arranged for that night.

Danashri finally decides to follow Palace protocol and goes to greet the Dowager Empress. They snipe at each other as usual with Dowager telling her she should focus on getting pregnant. Wow, she’s pretty evil too – saying that but making sure she’s unable to conceive? It’s mean but it’s still a long ways from murdering anyone like Danashri tried to do.

That evening, both Ki and Wang Yoo spend time primping and fixing themselves up to meet. Ta Hwan drinks himself into a frenzy and decides he will take what he wants from now on. Danashri prays for a son at the Shrine while Dowager mocks her and tells Soon-young that she’s made sure Danashri can never get pregnant. 

Ta Hwan storms into Ki’s room, drunk out of his mind and throws her on the bed. When she fights him, he asks if she would do that if he were Wang Yoo. Danashri's  prayers are interrupted when Wang Yoo arrives. She hides, observing him but they finally meet. He assumes she’s a Palace worker but gets slapped for touching her. He stops her from slapping him again, calling her rude and she leaves snarking to herself that he’ll see.

Ki throws Ta Hwan off herself and starts to leave when Ta Hwan grabs her arm, begging her not to go – he will never turn her over to Wang Yoo. He then tells her she was the first, when he broke out of his shell, she was the first person he saw.  Ki looks at him but leaves, running to the Shrine. Wang Yoo is already gone. Eunuch Bang offers to set up another meeting for Wang Yoo but he says as long as she’s okay, he should let her be. 

Yeonchul tells his sons about a “Blood Vow” that Ta Hwan’s Father wrote and hid before he died. They need to find it and destroy it before anyone else does but it seems someone else knows about it. Baek-Ahn and Tal Tal invite one of Yeonchul’s spies to a feast and then kill him, aware that he was seeking information about the Blood Vow 

Everyone is invited to a banquet to celebrate the victory. When Ta Hwan arrives, Wang Yoo and Ki finally see each other, both stare at the other and smile. Yeonchul tells Wang Go to return to Goryeo and forget about the throne. Danashri arrives and smugly faces Wang Yoo, smiling to herself at his embarrassment over their meeting at the Shrine. Ta Hwan watches Ki and Wang Yoo stare at each other and drinks himself into oblivion.

Wang Yoo is asked to play the gayageum which sends gives all the ladies present flutters of delight. Wang Yoo only stares at Ki during his performance with both of them flashing back to him teaching her how to play. Suddenly, Dok Man storms in to inform everyone a body was found. Baek-Ahn and Tal Tal look at each other in shock. It turns out, the guy they killed that Tal Tal dumped into a well in the Goryeo village was brought back into the Palace and hung. This means someone saw them do it. Ta Hwan drunkenly calls an end to the banquet.

Yeonchul and sons inspect the body with Baek-Ahn and Tal Tal. Yeonchul orders Baek-Ahn to investigate secretly and then orders his sons to continue searching for the Blood Vow. Byung-Soo overhears all of this. Wang Go, angry that Yeonchul no longer has any use for him – lets Wang Yoo discover that he’s the one who moved the body and then tells him about the Blood Vow. Wang Yoo learns the Blood Vow is hidden inside the Palace somewhere so he needs someone who has intimate knowledge of the Palace. 
Wang Yu met the Empress Dowager and Danashri on his way to visit Ta-hwan.  He apologized for what happened and even accepted the blame.  Tanashiri remarked that Wang Yu must have deliberately aimed the ball at Ta-hwan since anger clearly showed all over his face while he was playing.  Wang Yu replied that the Empress must have been looking at him closely to notice his expression.  Tanashiri was tongue-tied as she looked at the Empress Dowager who assured Wang Yu that he does not need to apologize.  Ta-hwan was the one who suggested the match and everything that happened was just part of the game.
As expected by Wang Yu, Yeonchul was furious.  Taltal checked the scroll for evidence and concluded that the red ink used was the same as the one used for talismans.  Also, the writer hid his identity by either using his left hand or asking an illiterate to write it for him.
When General Bayan asked if the blood vow really existed, Ki Se replied that it must have been there when Khutughtu Khan died. Yeon-chul recalled that when he learned of the existence of the blood vow, he had all the staff and concubines of the late emperor killed; except for one, Head Eunuch Jokho, who happened to be from Koryo.
KiSe remembered his earlier conversation with Yom Byongsu regarding Commander Kopsol’s corpse. Yom Byongsu told him that he probably got it from the corpse of the commander and suspected that the corpse was thrown in the infected Koryo village before being moved into the palace.
Yeonchul ordered them to search the village as someone might know something about the vow.
Ta-hwan sulked in bed as he curled up refusing treatment for his bruised eye and ordered everyone out except for Ki
Golta requested Ki to apply the medication on Ta-hwan because he listens to her, with an additional reminder…”gently.” 
When Sun Nyang threatened to leave if he refused to have the medication applied around his eye, Ta-hwan instantly sat-up and asked her to apply it on his eye.
Ta-hwan asked Sun Nyang if she was happy to see him hurt and lose in the game.  He complained that he saw Sun Nyang as she cheered for Wang Yu.  Sungnyang tried to ignore his question and replied that he was being unfair.  But being the stubborn person that he was, Ta-hwan pestered her until he got the answer that he wanted to hear, even if she lied.  “Sure, I wanted you to win. Happy?” Sun Nyang said.
Satisfied with Ki’s reply,  Ta-hwan moved in for the kill.  He ordered Ki to massage his aching legs and immediately raised his foot to her face.  
Ki gave him the dagger look and would have gladly used her martial arts skills on him ….
Too bad, the Empress Dowager arrived and she was asked to leave.
On her way out, Ki overheard parts of their conversation.  The Empress Dowager told Ta-hwan that Yeonchul was furious over a certain appeal.  She informed Ta-hwan that his father did not die of a sudden illness, a fact that Ta-hwan already knew.  She added, however, that just before his father died, he wrote a vow using his own blood. The Empress Dowager knew that finding that vow would be their evidence to prove Yeon-chul’s treason.
Ta-hwan cried as he imagined the pain his late father felt while writing the vow using his own blood. The Empress Dowager warned Ta-hwan not to wallow in sadness but instead be strong, have the eyes of a falcon and the heart of a snake. She advised Ta-hwan to temporarily act ignorant and not look for the vow
Sun Nyang was able to enter Wang Yu’s quarters by telling the guard that she was just delivering some clothes.  Along the way, she saw Wang Yu as he practiced with Moo-sung.  She decided to stop for a while before meeting with Eunuch Bang not realizing that Jeombakyi saw her.  As she met with Eunuch Bang, they talked about how they would communicate in the future by hiding notes in the folds of Wang Yu’s clothes.
Meanwhile, Jeombakyi approached Wang Yu and wondered why Sun Nyang met with Eunuch Bang instead of him.  Wang Yu immediately rushed into Eunuch Bang’s room and angrily ordered them to explain.
Sun Nyang defended Eunuch Bang by saying that it was her fault.  She offered to help because she knew that she can do the job without putting Wang Yu’s life at risk.  Wang Yu felt frustrated as he thought that Sun Nyang did not seem to see that he was just trying to protect her.
He ordered Sun Nyang never to see him again, to look for him, or to think of him since he will never see her again. Sun Nyang can’t believe what she just heard as Wang Yu yelled at her that she was dismissed.  She looked at him teary-eyed and heartbroken as she left the room.  Wang Yu’s men felt sad for Sun Nyang but in the long run, it was for her own good.
Alone in his room, Wang Yu was full of remorse as he apologized to Sun Nyang for being weak and not being able to protect her.

Dangkise saw Sun Nyang as she walked crying.  He asked her what was wrong but Sun Nyang was not in the mood to talk and asked Kise  to step aside. Kise reminded Sungnyang of her crime which was related to Lady Park’s pregnancy.  He grabbed her and ordered her not to cry because of others.  If he can not have her, he will make sure that every part of her life is ruined.

Back at the Emperor’s quarters, Golta was getting apprehensive since it was already late.  He reminded Ta-hwan that it was time for him to send Ki away but stopped short when Ta-hwan shouted that he will have Golta’s tongue chopped-off if he doesn’t stop nagging him.The two drunkards continued to complain about their sad fate. Ta-hwan did most of the talking while Ki listened as she drank one cup after the other. Ki got so intoxicated, she can’t even use the chopsticks properly.  Ta-hwan helped her get some food and tried to feed her as she opened her mouth. Ta-hwan thought that getting drunk was a really great idea for them to unload their worries.
He wanted to let out everything since he was drunk and suddenly got serious.
Ta-hwan asked Ki if she still wanted to go back to Koryo or stay with him at the palace.  Sun Nyang was too drunk that she saw Wang Yu instead of Ta-hwan.  Ki poured her heart out. Wang Yu did not seem to know how she felt.  She just wanted to help but he was mean to her.  She continued to complain until she finally passed out.
Ta-hwan carried Ki to his bed and told her to sleep there for the night.  He tried to touch Ki’s cheek but she started to cry and called Wang Yu’s name. Ta-hwan felt heartbroken seeing her like this.  He whispered to the sleeping Ki that he will never let her go no matter what and wiped away her tears.
Ta-hwan moved closer to give Ki a kiss but stopped an inch away.  He didn’t want to take advantage of the sleeping Ki and kissed her hand instead.He was both happy and giddy to have Ki on his bed.  He felt a bit tipsy as the wine started to kick-in and dozed off.

In the meantime, Wang Yu practiced his swordsmanship as he tried to forget.  Moo-sung and Eunuch Bang watched from a distance and cant help but feel sorry for Wang Yu who must have been in great pain since he adored Ki.Suddenly Golta’s voice went a few decibels higher and louder as he tried to warn them of Danashri’s arrival.  Golta explained to the Empress that she can not enter Ta-hwan’s room at the moment since he is sitting on his imperial toilet which was caused by eating too much persimmons.  Disgusted, the Empress decided to wait outside.
Golta reprimanded Ki for almost giving him a heart attack.  He tried to wake the Emperor who just grabbed his hand and kissed it.  The half-asleep Ta-hwan thought that it was still Ki's hand he was kissing.  It was too late when he finally opened his eyes and saw Golta. Totally freaked out, Ta-hwan pushed Golta away, hit him with a pillow, and gagged as he clutched his heart. Creepy Eunuch. 
Golta warned Ta-hwan that Danashri came without notice.  This made Ta-hwan immediately smarten up and fixed his crown.
Danashri paused for a moment when she saw Ki, she recalled Ki-Se's warning not to bother her since she still has Danashri’s letter.  She entered Ta-hwan’s room and noticed that he had been drinking with someone since there were 2 cups on the table. Ta-hwan avoided her question.  He asked her to leave as he complained of his hang-over.
On her way out, she again passed by Ki and noticed that she smelled of alcohol.  When Danashri confronted her, Ki told her that she just had a drink with the Emperor. Danashri clutched her fist as she tried to control her anger and left without saying anything.
Jeombakyi and Officer Park met with a magician who had the two types of ink that they needed; one that makes letters disappear when soaked in water and another one that won’t smear when wet.  The magician gladly sold his special bottles of ink and agreed to leave the capital within the day after being paid with a pouch of coins.
Wang Yu’s men were curious about his plan.  He explained to them that since the Yuan’s are most afraid of the Heaven’s curse, he would scare them a bit.  The heavens seemed to be cooperating as Eunuch Bang told Wang Yu that there are storm clouds in the horizon. Moo-sung cautioned Wang Yu from using his own hand writing.  Wang Yu said that it wont be a problem since most of the letters would disappear anyway.  Wang Yu started writing an incident report alternately using the special inks.
The following day, everyone read notice posted outside the Ministry of Justice and at the palace.  General Bayan and Taltal happened to pass-by and saw the crowd as they gathered around the notice when it suddenly started to rain.
They were about to walk away when something caught Taltal’s attention, some of the words written on the notice started to disappear after being soaked in the rain leaving the words: “The Father…blood vow…reveal…the regency…three generation in ruins.” Taltal rephrased it for General Bayan as, “When the father’s Blood Vow is revealed, within three generations the regency will be in ruins.”
As expected, Yeonchul was furious and slammed his fist on the notice.  Yeonchul had all the magicians arrested after learning from Taltal that it could be a magician’s trick from the west.  He was convinced that someone was trying to attack and break him.
On their way out, both Taltal and General Bayan decided to stay on Yeonchul’s good side by arresting all the magicians.  Their plan to look for the vow seemed to have come to nothing because of their unidentified opponent who was more persistent than they taught.
Wang Yu’s men confirmed that the magician who sold the ink to them was no longer in the capital.  This turned out to be a good plan since the furious Yeonchul had all the magicians arrested.  Wang Yu cautioned his men to be extra careful.  Now, the only thing left for them to do was to watch Yeonchul turn his house into ruins.
At the Koryo Village, Yom Byongsu was caught by the villagers as he tried to steal from them.  This surprised Makseng, the village leader, normally thieves felt so bad for them that they leave clothes.  Yom Byongsu pleaded from Makseng to take him in since he has the plague too and has nowhere to go, being from Koryo.  The leader told the villagers to lock him in as he will make his decision the following day.  Yom Byongsu was grateful but showed his evil side as soon as he turned his back.
Ta-hwan asked if Ki remembered what she had done the night before but she was so intoxicated that she could not recall exactly what happened.
Ta-hwan gave out a deep sigh and acted surprised that Ki can’t remember the things she did that night.  Ta-hwan covered his chest with his arms as he implied that he tried to protect himself from Ki's advances.  Ki just looked confused wondering if she really did what he said. 
The Empress Dowager went to Ta-hwan’s quarters and showed the notice taken from the square.  Unable to read, Lord Zhang read it to Ta-hwan.
Ki heard it all and feared for Wang Yu’s life as he challenged Yeonchul.  Ki approached Wang Yu when she accidentally met them as they were walking on one of the hallways.  She wanted to warn him but he does not want to hear anything from her.  She felt sad at the way she was treated.  She did not know,  however, that as soon as Wang Yu turned a corner, he instructed Eunuch Bang to help Ki

The mysterious Lady Noh seemed random until I heard she was the previous Emperor’s favorite and in fact, used to live in Ki’s room. Also interesting that Yeonchul didn’t have her murdered but maybe it’s because she’s senile. Could she be the key to finding the “Blood Vow”?

I loved the way Wang Yoo approached the Goryeo villagers but I’m so annoyed that Byung-Soo is now living there. He remains the character I hate more than any other and with him being in the village, I don’t expect things to go the way Wang Yoo hopes. 

Ta Hwan out of desperation forced Ki to drink with him listening to her bemoan the things Wang Yoo said to her. Ta Hwan lightly kissed her hand – instead of a forced, drunken kiss on a unconscious woman. And lay down to sleep near her.

Seeing Yeonchul sitting on the throne and proving to everyone that he’s actually the one in charge was also heartbreaking. It begs the question to me of why anyone thinks finding this “Blood Vow” will change things. Wouldn’t he just have all those people murdered, since he also controls the military? Or would it actually change the minds of any of the men on the court? Even if it did, does anyone have the power to remove this guy? I don’t believe so right now.

Ta-hwan:  I said I wanted to be alone.  What do you want? I don’t want you to see me like this.
Ki My eyes are closed. My ears are covered. I see nothing. I hear nothing. Just sit back and relax.
Ta-hwan accepted Ki’s offer and leaned on her as he tried to release all the pent-up emotion that had built-up inside him.
Wang Yu saw Ki and Ta-hwan on the bridge and it looked to him like they were on a date.  
 Back in his room, Wang Yu was burning with anger, jealous with what he saw, he crushed a cup with his fist unmindful of the pain from the wound as blood continued to drip. Ta Hwan watches Ki and teases that she only allowed him her back – why not a hug? He suddenly pulls her close and covers her ears, telling her he wants to challenge Yeonchul but that she witnessed him weak makes him want to die. 

While Ki reads to Ta Hwan, Wang Yoo is outside shooting arrows. He never misses the bulls-eye but seems to ignore that his hand is still dripping blood. His expression is filled with anguish that he’s powerless to do anything, which is heartbreaking. Yeonchul struts around the Palace which angers Baek-Ahn. Tal Tal warns that Yeonchul is getting more arrogant so Baek-Ahn should just lay low.

When Dok Man tries to stop Yeonchul from interrupting Dowager Empress at her prayers, Ki-Se holds a sword at his throat. Yeonchul storms inside and tells her she should pray to him instead of Buddha, threatening her not to use the “non-existent” Blood Vow to test his patience or to look for it. Why would she look for it if it doesn’t exist? When he leaves, she asks Teacher Jang to secretly find out which Ministers on the court they can trust.

Yeonchul decides it’s not Dowager Empress who is stirring things up. He meets Wang Yoo but only asks in passing if he’s heard the rumors – he doesn’t seem to suspect him at all. Ta Hwan is out walking with his troupe when sand gets into his eyes. He shoves Gol-ta out of the way when he offers to blow it out and orders Ki to do it. Just as Ki is gently blowing at Ta Hwan's eye – Wang Yoo happens to see them. Ki also sees Wang Yoo and pulls back, gasping.
Ta Hwan asks why he’s there but it turns out they have both been invited to see Dowager Empress. Danashri daydreams about Wang Yu and hears that he and Ta Hwan are both going to visit Dowager Empress so she invites herself along again. Inside Yeon-hwa is preparing the tea but Ta Hwan orders Ki to come inside and do it. It turns out that Dowager Empress is trying to set up a marriage for Wang Yu but he declines, saying he has no thoughts of that yet.

Danashri smiles and asks if he already has someone in his heart? He stares at Ki while Ta Hwan watches them both. Wang Yu deflects Danashri’s question, saying he’s at a loss about why everyone is concerned about such a lowly person as himself. When Ki steps forward to serve the tea, Yeon-hwa trips her – which sends scalding hot tea flying. Ki stumbles and Wang Yu jumps up to catch her, then turns her so the hot tea will hit his back and not Ki.

He pretends he’s fine, when Danashri starts to snap at Ki – he says it wasn’t her fault. After he leaves, Ta Hwan notices Ki’s tears that her beloved Goryeo King was hurt. Ki almost strangles Yeon-hwa and warns her not to pull that kind of stuff again. When Ta Hwan realizes Ki is missing, he knows she’s gone to attend to Wang Yoo and orders her brought back. 

Ki approaches Wang Yu’s room and takes the medicine from Eunuch Bang. She goes inside, telling Wang Yu he got hurt because of her. She will apply the medicine and then leave. Once the burn is uncovered, Ki’s eyes widen in shock to see how bad it is. She applies the medicine and wraps bandages around it. Both of them seem very physically aware of the other. 

When she finally returns, Ta Hwan asks how Wang Yoo is. Ki seems surprised that he knew and that he’s so calm about it. She begs him to let her to tend to Wang Yoo later but he implies that he can’t sleep unless she reads to him. So she asks if she can go once he’s asleep?  Ta Hwan struggles to stay awake so Ki can’t leave.

Yeonchul threatens Baek-Ahn and Tal Tal for not finding who is responsible. He also threatens his sons for not finding the Blood Vow. He orders all the magicians rounded up and executed. Statements are released to the public that the magicians were behind the strange documents. AND that any person who comes forward with gossip about the Blood Vow will be rewarded in gold. Likewise anyone spreading gossip will be executed, along with their whole family.
Wang Yoo writes up another series of “trick” letters with the special ink and has them copied and hung up all over the markets. The next day, when Yeonchul is out, it rains again and the writing on the documents changes. Yeonchul and his sons both see this along with all the townspeople. Ta Hwan speaks with Dowager Empress about it, he seems to truly believe this is his Father’s curse. Dowager Empress knows that it’s someone helping them again.

Wang Yoo’s next plan is to have some rats released into the Palace so he sends his men out to meet with the Goryeo village leader. Byung-soo almost overhears the plan but gets caught and is chased away however, he knows something is up. The Goryeo village leader is happy to let them capture rats and he promises to keep it secret. Ki-Se meets Ki and tries to demand she let him know if she hears about the Blood Vow, promising her anything she wants. She basically tells him to dream on so he uses threats. Whatever dude – she’s not afraid of you at all.

Ta Hwan decides to start getting up early and we learn he’s planned reading/writing lessons with Ki as his teacher. We also learn Yeonchul did indeed keep him from learning as Gol-ta quickly says if he finds out – he will kill Ta Hwan.  He meets secretly with Baek-Ahn and Tal Tal ordering them to find the Blood Vow for him and uses the threat of telling Yeonchul they didn’t kill him when they were supposed to as leverage. 

Ki hides and listens to this conversation. When they leave, she asks Ta Hwan if he’s planning to fight against Yeonchul? He answers he wants to try, she offers to help. He reminds her she said she wouldn’t do anything for him but she has her own debt to pay Yeonchul. Returning to her room, she finds Lady Noh there again. Lady Noh mentions the Blood Vow, that she’s seen it and knows where it is! Ki decides to let her stay, keeping her close to dig for information. Smart.

Ta Hwan plans a surprise shadow-puppet show for Ki but somehow Danashri finds out and thinks it’s for her. She invites Wang Yu – since he’s hot for her, maybe that will make Ta Hwan jealous. Ta Hwan is angry his surprise for Ki is ruined but goes anyway. Wang Yu’s men release the rats all over the Palace.

During the puppet show, Ta Hwan gestures for Ki to come closer so she can see properly. Wang Yu moves his chair over and she stands in between the two men. Her eyes widen in wonder watching the show and she smiles in delight. Both men notice this and smile too. Ta Hwan reaches out to hold her hand. She tries to pull out of his grasp, which makes Wang Yu notice what’s going on. Wang Yu grabs her other hand and the two men stare at each other.

Danashri doesn’t see the hand-holding but she does see that Ki is standing between the two men and orders her back to her position. Both men let go of Ki’s hand and she goes back to stand by Gol-ta. Wang Yoo stares at Ta Hwan, who looks away in anger. Danashri thinks Ta Hwan is jealous because of her.

Back in his room, Ta Hwan orders Ki to not meet or talk with Wang Yoo – nor is she ever to cry over that man in front of him again. When she tries to talk, he yells at her for constantly bringing up her beloved King, he’s sick of it. In tears, he tells her to leave. With tears streaming down her face, Ki walks out…and walks right into Wang Yoo.

He asks her if she wants to return to Koryo – with him? She immediately starts crying and says yes, she will follow him anywhere. He warns her things might get rough and he’s not sure when but she says she will wait. He tells her not to get involved because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. She understands and starts to leave when he pulls her into his arms.

She cries harder, burying her face in his shoulder and finally raises her arms to hug him back. Unbeknownst to both of them, Ki-Se was watching. The next morning, Ta Hwan wakes to find a rat in his bed and screams. Gol-ta and the body-guards come running in and Gol-ta almost faints while the guards draw their swords.  Ki walks up, grabs the rat and swings it towards Ta Hwan with a mocking look on her face. 

Danashri meets Wang Yu and is suddenly surrounded by rats. She and all her maids scream and hop around until Wang Yu steps forward and sweeps Danashri up into his arms to carry her to safety. Once away from the rats, Wang Yoo tells her she can remove her arms from around his neck. 

Baek-Ahn interrupts Yeonchul playing a game with Ki-Se to tell him about the rats. YeonChul throws the game pieces at Baek-Ahn, angry that he’s being disturbed over a few stupid rats but Tal Tal jumps in to tell him it’s not just a few. When Dowager Empress complains to Eunuch Dok Man, he informs her that according to rumor, it’s part of Emperor Mingzong’s curse. 

Our Master of Disguises, Eunuch Bang dressed as a monk and spread this rumor even further among the townspeople, including information that Yeonchul murdered Emperor Mingzong.During the reading of petitions, Yeonchul angrily rips most of them to pieces. Ta Hwan announces he knows about the rumors but Yeonchul reminds him he was told be play dead.

Baek-Ahn rushes in, insisting Yeonchul come with them. Ki reassures a discouraged Ta Hwan that even if it’s not showing, Yeonchul is feeling fear. They smile at each other. Inside the temple, Yeonchul sees the Buddha statue is crying tears of blood. He and Dowager Empress scream at each other and he tries to destroy the statue.  Both Dowager Empress and Ki-Se stop him.

Surprisingly, the statue crying tears of blood was not one of Wang Yoo’s plans but it works in his favor. The next day he talks with Yeonchul, letting him know he’s aware of what was done to both Ta Hwan’s Father and Grandfather. When Yeonchul threatens to kill him, he calmly states that things might get worse and Yeonchul will need help. Ta Hwan and Ki see the two of them talking together.

Yeonchul decides he just might need Wang Yoo, which infuriates Ki-Se. He tells his Father not to trust him, he won’t be loyal. Yeonchul tells his own son he’s stupid, useless and to stop being jealous of Wang Yoo. Wang Yoo gets all playful as he hides to catch Ki alone. He brings up the statue and Ki immediately asks if he did it? He admits it but in the next scene, we see it was Ki who painted the statue!
Returning to her room, Ki talks with crazy Lady Noh (who seems very fond of a certain mirror) and they discover they’re both from Goryeo. Lady Noh watches Ki closely – which makes me think she’s testing Ki. I also wonder if she’s really insane or just pretending to be? Ta Hwan has a run-in with Wang Yoo where he accuses him of working with El Terror. Wang Yoo implies since Ta Hwan can’t reinstate him to the throne, he’ll work with whoever can and will.

When he walks away, Ta Hwan asks Ki what she’s planning to do? She asks, if she helps Ta Hwan get rid of Yeonchul – would he reinstate Wang Yoo to the Goryeo throne? Ta Hwan says it sounds like she’s playing both sides. She continues that if he doesn’t want to do that – he can just release her. With pain in his eyes, Ta Hwan asks if she’s not at all worried about him getting hurt? 

Ta Hwan questions Baek-Ahn and Tal Tal about the Blood Vow but they’ve made no progress. Tal Tal does inform him of a Goryeo Eunuch named Jok Ho who might still be alive but his location is unknown. Later, Ki asks Gol-ta (they were both listening) if he knows this Jok Ho? Gol-ta offers to discreetly ask a friend. We see him talking quietly to another Palace Eunuch. Byung-Soo fires questions at the Goryeo village leader about the disappearing rats.

The Eunuch who spoke with Gol-ta shows up and asks the Goryeo village leader if he knows a Goryeo Eunuch named Jok Ho? Byung-soo’s eyes light up as he listens carefully, even asking why the guy is looking for this Jok Ho? When the village leader asks if he knows him, Byung-soo claims to have heard his name around.
Byung-soo quickly takes this information to Ki-Se and even points out the Eunuch. Ki-Se knows the Eunuch is one of Ta Hwan’s which means he’s the one looking for the Blood Vow? Jae Ha is skeptical until Ki-Se mentions he might have someone behind him – like Ki. He vows to remove both Wang Yoo and Ki. Gol-ta tells Ta Hwan he’s made contact with Jok Ho (that was way to easy) and he argues with Ki about who should go. They agree they’ll both go with only one bodyguard.
At the same time, Ki-Se tells Wang Yoo that El Terror wishes to meet him at the same gisaeng house that Ta Hwan and Ki are being lured to. Well, crud – he’s setting them all up. After dressing down (with Ki again in male clothes) Ta Hwan sneaks out with her…while Ki-Se watches them. It appears he threatened the Eunuch but kills the guy anyway. He orders Ja-chom to get rid of the body.

Ta Hwan is delighted to be out of the Palace and runs around, holding onto Ki’s neck. Baek-Ahn and Tal Tal discover Ja-chom with Ta Hwan’s dead Eunuch on his back and figure out Ki-Se is up to something. Ta Hwan’s group (with Ki) is taken to one room to wait – while Wang Yu’s group are waiting in another room. Ki-Se arrives to keep Wang Yoo from leaving while he lures Ki out with a note to meet in another room. 

Yeonchul arrives with Jae Ha, who takes him to confront the person who has been searching for the Blood Vow. He arrives at the room to find just Ta Hwan and his bodyguard. Ta Hwan angrily yells what son wouldn’t search for his Father’s will? Yeonchul almost kills him but is stopped by the news that Dowager Empress has arrived. Ki arrives at Wang Yu’s room, having been lured there by the note. Ki-Se opens the door for her and laughs while Wang Yu stares at her in horror.

Outside Baek-Ahn and Tal Tal try to decide what to do – should they continue to pretend being on Yeonchul’s side or join Ta Hwan, Dowager Empress and others to fight against him? The decision is made for them when El Terror comes out with Ta Hwan. Dowager Empress orders him taken back. He screams out for Ki while being dragged away.

Amazingly when El Terror comes to Wang Yoo’s room, he doesn’t believe Ki-Se when he tries to tell him Wang Yoo was the person behind the magic-ink documents. He slaps Ki-Se and orders him out. He does allow him to take Ki since she’s a Palace maid, even while Wang Yoo argues. We are at that moment Wang Yoo feared – neither Wang Yoo or Ta Hwan can protect Ki right now. El Terror asks if Wang Yoo has made up his mind, will he stand beside El Terror?

Ki-Se takes Ki to the prison and tortures her, standing calmly in front of her listening to her scream. Wang Yu negotiates for Ki’s release with Yeonchul – he will not help unless she is released. Yeonchul agrees so Wang Yu rushes to the prison, knocks Ki-Se out and bends to check the unconscious Ki. As he turns to carry her out on his back, Ta Hwan arrives.

Ki-Se shocked me with the torture but I do recall him saying that if he couldn’t have Ki, no one would. It really appears he meant it and him seeing the hug between her and Wang Yoo,he would try to separate or kill them both. He miscalculated his fathers admiration for Wang Yoo.
The first of our love-triangle to Ki’s rescue is Wang Yoo. He stops Ki-Se and starts to carry her out only to be confronted with Ta Hwan, who demands he put Ki down. When Ta Hwan is informed that Wang Yoo not only has Yeonchul’s permission but that Ki has been released from servitude, he’s angry and shocked.
When Ta Hwan runs to confront Yeonchul, Gol-ta tries to stop him. Yeonchul reminds him that he’s married to his daughter.  Wang Yoo sits by Ki’s bed, kissing her hand while Ta Hwan fumes. He angrily calls Baek-Ahn and Tal Tal to discuss Wang Yoo working with Yeonchul. In a move that I think is part motivated by fear and part by jealousy, he wants to get rid of both men. He truly believes Wang Yoo is now on Yeonchul’s side but he’s also furious that Ki is now with Wang Yoo.
It’s interesting that Tal Tal is the first one to figure out that Ta Hwan has changed – he knows Ta Hwan’s motivation for action (finally) is all because of Ki. I’m sure this knowledge will prove powerful in the future. Tal Tal and Baek-Ahn also figure out Wang Yoo must have promised Yeonchul something. They wonder what kind of deal was made and decide to keep an eye on Wang Yoo’s men.

The usual cat-fight between Dowager Empress and Danashri but this time, Dowager tries to warn her that someday, her brother Ki-Se will fly out of control. She implies this will threaten Danashri’s son – if she ever has one. Wang Yoo’s plan becomes clear – he wants Yeonchul to fake his death so those who are against him will be exposed. Again, Tal Tal figures this out very quickly and makes appropriate plans.

Ki recovers and spends time smiling and laughing with her Goryeo men – while Ta Hwan watches. When he’s informed what the “plan” is, he orders Baek-Ahn and Tal Tal to switch the temporary poison for a real one so Yeonchul really dies. This way, he gets rid of both men since Wang Yoo would be blamed for Yeonchul’s death. We learn the Goryeo village leader is in fact, the Goryeo Eunuch Jok Ho that everyone is looking for.

Yeonchul calls for a full court hearing regarding who is responsible for the magic-trick posters but it’s really to uncover his enemies. He has Dowager locked inside her quarters to keep her from interfering, much to the delight of Danashri and her evil maid. Yeonchul drinks the real poison, unaware that the servant girl who tested it has already collapsed, spitting blood. The sword dance that follows was hilarious but I suppose they needed to fill some time until the poison worked. Yeonchul passes out, spitting up blood.
Wang Yoo, his men and Ki realize he will be blamed since he provided the wine. Sure enough, Ki-Se orders Wang Yoo arrested which Ta Hwan is only to happy to do. I do hate that he’s gone to the dark side but I am glad he’s finally DOING something? It’s just that I don’t happen to think it’s the right thing to do.  Ki tells him he’s pathetic 

Wang Yoo is saved by Danashri (of all people) who argues with Ki-Se that Wang Yoo can help them. Yeonchul is still alive but barely so Wang Yoo suggests they follow the original plan. Ki tells him Baek-Ahn is probably the person who switched the wine for poison since he also let Ta Hwan go when ordered to kill him and has been secretly searching for the Blood Vow per Ta Hwan’s orders. I love that he discussed strategy with Ki!

They decides to use Dowager to convince both head court ministers that she wants them to take over Yeonchul’s position. Most hilarious scene this week was Danashri going to meet Wang Yoo …with her mirror. She meets Ki instead and thinks Ki has a one-sided love with Wang Yoo.  Ki-Se thinks the court ministers are trying to attack so they can take over and the court ministers are told Ki-Se is rallying his troops to take over.
Wang Yoo gives Ki a hair-pin, asking her to be his Queen once they get back to Goryeo.  If she wears the hair-pin, it will mean she’s accepting his proposal. Inside her room, she smiles looking at the pin but then has flashbacks of her times with Ta Hwan.  She cries. 

Wang Yoo paces outside, waiting impatiently for Ki to come out with the pin in her hair. When she does come out, she’s not wearing it! Conflicted? Interesting. Dowager argues with Baek-Ahn when he admits he killed Yeonchul on Ta Hwan’s orders. She’s angry that Ta Hwan would attempt any such thing without her permission and tells Baek-Ahn that Yeonchul’s position will not go to an idiot like him. 

Ki finally puts the pin in her hair which brings a big, huge smile to Wang Yoo’s face.  That evening, he goes to her room. He asks why she dressed as a man? This leads to both of them to remember the concubine tribute round-up from 15 years ago. He tells her about releasing a young girl and her Mother but they were killed anyway. He cries, believing they would still be alive if he hadn’t released them. Ki wipes his tears, telling him she’s that young girl and he saved her.

He kisses her  and holds her close, she eventually hugs him back.  The next scene is him waking up with Ki laying next to him in bed. He smiles and brushes back her hair. Yeonchul’s evil family keeps up the pretense that he died with Ki-Se even crying on his coffin. Ki notices Danashri’s evil maid bringing a tea that only Yeonchulr drank to her quarters.

Turns out, Yeonchul drank this certain concoction every single day as a precaution against being poisoned.  Ki runs into Ta Hwan and tells him Yeonchul is still alive. With this news, Ta Hwan rushes to Danashri’s room to see for himself but Yeonchul hides. Ta Hwan manages to confirm it anyway by swiping his finger in the tea-cup and smelling the ingredients. He knows Yeonchul is still alive so he orders the Royal Guard to kill him. Well, that’s taking a huge risk.

Ki remembers the signal Tal Tal set up using color coded bands – blue if Ki-Se suspects them, yellow if they encounter spies and white for emergencies. The ministers arrive while Wang Yoo, Tal Tal and Baek-Ahn make plans to kill the crazy brothers and Byung-Soo. When one of the ministers order the attack to begin, Ki shoots an arrow into his head – an arrow tied with a white band. This signals Baek-Ahn, Tal Tal, Wang Yoo and his men that Yeonchul is still alive.

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