Oct 2, 2014


Ice -Ola Collection

The Ice-Watch brand was established in Belgium in 2007, the brainchild of  Belgian entrepreneur with a thoroughly modern approach , Jean-Pierre Lutgen. At the time, he was running a company that sold promotional items. Having traveled widely in Asia and with a network of reliable and responsible partners, Jean-Pierre Lutgen developed the Ice-Watch concept and spirit.

Ice-Denim Collection


Ice- Glam Forest Collection

Ice -Glam Pastel Collection

He began marketing a a watch, a real fashion accessory that was both stylish and affordable, available in a range of ten colours and presented in a packaging with a particularly innovative design that matches the watch. The name of the brand was chosen for the values conveyed by the word "ice", namely transparency and purity. Finally, Jean-Pierre Lutgen implemented the entire concept with a fine-tuned and bold marketing strategy.

Ice- Sweety Collection

In 7 years, the Ice-Watch brand  has become a reference on the market, perfectly  in line with the trend in consumption and the social phenomenon of change, which confirms the appeal of the fashion accessory, a small luxury accessible on a daily basis. The brand can now be found in all four corners of the world, in more than 85 countries.

Ice-Polo Collection

2012 was a important year for the brand because all the collections became water-resistant to 10 ATM with a polyamide+ case, called Ice-Ramic and a screwed back, which is definitely an innovation worth mentioning. In early 2013 a new minimalist and elegant model was launched, called ICE. This timepiece was made in one piece, from the box to the strap. This surprising collection, with its bold contrasts, was an immediate hit. New colours and subtle combinations were added in 2014.

Ice-Chamallow Collection

2014 was a colourful year, with the launch of various new "trendy" colours in the Forever collection, which helped sealed the brand's success. What's more, new materials, which are elegantly combined with silicone, such as steel and carbon for the cases, Swarovski crystals, leather, denim and canvas straps are all created. A multitude of combinations, that are always in keeping with the brand's identity.

Ice -Canvas Collection

Ice-Watch is a real brand with a community of more then 5 million permanently connected fans, a closely knitted team, entrepreneurial partners and enthusiastic consumers.Since it was created, the Ice-Watch brand has brought a breath of openness and fresh air to the watch making world, thanks to an idea, a vision, a strong identity, a nod to luxury and a community of enthusiasts who pass on the spirit of the brand.. Acknowledged in its sector, the brand has already distributed almost 12 million watches worldwide and has taken part in the annual "Baselworld" trade show in Switzerland on six occasions.
Ice-Checks Collection
This year the brand has been given an excellent position in the show, with a 400 sq. m booth in the Hall of Sensation 1.2 alongside its peers. To consolidate its international presence the brand has continued to strengthen its monobrand distribution by opening Flagship Stores

Ice-Glow 2014 Collection

With currently 8 Ice-Watch galleries in Malaysia and still growing with another store coming up at The Shore, Malacca this November, Ice-Watch is taking shape to being one of the leading watch brands to look out for. 2015 looks set to be a big year for Ice-Watch Malaysia as we look into further expansion into East Malaysia as well as more galleries in the Klang Valley too.

Ice-Watch BMW Motorsport Collection

I am so excited for Ice-Watch and I love Ice-Watch designs... don't you are think they are just so cool????

The best thing of all is the affordable price to own this perfect piece of luxury... every watch price ranges less then RM700!!!!  So what are you waiting for, go get your Ice-Watch now. I have one and planning to get another soon...

Ice-Elegant Collection


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