Nov 15, 2014

Baby Girl Gets Emotional Watching the Chipettes in the Chipmunk Adventure

A father was setting up his camera when he saw his cute little daughter getting emotionally absorbed in the cartoons she was watching on one of their road trips. The result was pretty cute.

Little Raegan from Aurora, Colorado, went through the full range of human emotions as she watched the Chipettes in The Chipmunk Adventure take care of a baby penguin. Raegan's lips quivered and tears started rolling down her cheeks as one of the characters sings to soothe the lost penguin.

When the baby penguin is finally reunited with its mother, Raegan was overpowered by emotions and cried like a...well like a baby. She wiped away her tears after the scene, just as her dad cheerfully exclaimed, "She found her mom! Yes!"

Awww.... how sweet is that.

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