Nov 10, 2014

How to get your passport done in less then 2 hours...

wangsa maju immigration
Hehehe.. Interesting title I guess.. But I did it all in just 2 hours.. At the Wangsa Maju Immigration office.

After yesterday's failed attempt to get my passport and that of my little girl's done, I decided to go to the nearest immigration office.. Which is the one in Wangsa Maju in Seri Rampai area.

I left the house at about 7am with Anne aka Cutie Monkee in tow and headed to Sri Rampai where the immigration office was. 

We easily found a parking, but also saw the crowd building. I parked the car and sent my little girl to queue  as I went to pay the car parking at the meter machine.. Then the immigration office doors opened at 7.30am.

It is easy to get your passport done now...while queuing, the security guard will pass out a small piece of paper for you to fill up.. Then you just take your number. And wait for it to be called..

Then you will have your thumbprints and photo taken as well and signature recorded.

Then you just have to pay
RM100 for 2 years or RM300 for 5 years for adults
RM80 for 2 years or RM150 for 5 years for  kods under 12/OKU/ retirees

2 years is actually just 1/2 years... Cos you cannot travel if your passport have less then 6 months to expiry..

Anyway I was done and had my passport by 9.10am... Fast huh???!!! It was definitely a real relief seeing some friends say they had to wait for hours!!!!


  1. yes miera, buat kat situ senang tak ramai orang.. kita dulu buat kat situ gak. yang penting kena beratur amik nombor dulu. the rest tu sekejap je

    1. orang ada.. ramai jugak... tapi tak lah lah macam yang lain... hehehe...parking kereta dah bayar sampai pukul 11.30 tapi Miera kat situ sampai pukul 9.15 jer... hehehe

  2. last time i got my passport ready fast is when i'm at perlis

    1. Heheeh.. I am sure.. Kampung area less people travel so often... mostly it is the town people that travels more.. and many for work... huhuhu

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