Nov 27, 2014

My cruise aboard the Costa Victoria -Day 4

So it happens, and sadly, all good things must come to an end. Woke up to the last day on board the ship to yet another breathtaking sunrise as usual.  Woke my daughter up and we went to have our breakfast at  Deck 12 buffet line. This time I made the decision to enjoy the sea breeze from the back of the ship.

My little girl did not quite enjoy the sea breeze as she said that the wind was whipping her hair every where, but I enjoyed it .

Today my breakfast was quite healthy. I had a mushroom cheese omelette, a banana, a couple of melons, a slice of grapefruit and a plum as well as two cups yogurt , but I did have a slice of strawberry cake and a little doughnut twist.

The view from the back /stern of the ship

Last walk along the ship's gangway...

A Malaysian fishing boat sails by...

There were some salsa classes going on on Deck 5 but I was tied up having to go to the theater to pickup my passport and my little girl's passport and having to go to the Concorde Plaza to settle the remaining balance or rather getting back the balance of my deposits. There were some issues when someone signed something to my cabin and I had to get it cleared with the help of the retail staff.

But fortunately everything got settled in an hour.

Then the staff of the Costa Victoria put up a performance at the Theater for us entitled "I have a dream" . It was a brilliant performance by the talented staff/ crew.

We had our last lunch on board at the Fantasia restaurant just as the ship sailed into the Singapore harbourfront ...

Disembarkation was via group colours and we disembarked in small groups according to the colours the staff had assigned us to. 

Arriverderci, Costa Victoria... Ciao.... 

Anyway for more info on the Costa Victoria, do check out the website :


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