Nov 3, 2014

Rental of Space at MaTiC

Rental of space at MaTiC . Did you know that MaTiC has awesome spaces to rent out for any functions you could have? And all of it in the middle of the Golden Triangle, walking distance to KLCC etc for very affordable prices?

This is the rental rates for each of the space(s)  

Translation: tempat / space, kapasiti/ capacity, saiz/ size, sejam/ an hour, separuh hari (4jam) /half day (4 hours), sehari (8 jam) /perday (8 hours) , orang /pax

The Tunku Abdul Rahman Auditorium Hall is used to stage arts and cultural performances.

 It is well-equipped with facilities for conference, seminars and concerts. The audience
 capacity is 400 pax

Rental is at RM400 per hour,  RM1500 for half day and RM1100 for a whole day

The Mini Auditorium stages arts and cultural performances such as dance, theatre and bangsawan performances for tourists to marvel at. Suitable for an audience of about 150 people

Rental is at RM150 per hour,  RM600 for half day and RM3000 for a whole day

Cultural rehearsals and performances take place at this Amphitheatre whereby it is also opened for public bookings at the rate of RM 150 per hour and seats about 200-300 people.

Ideal for any  arts and craft exhibition and so on....

Rental is at RM150 per hour

Lanai @ Matic is a great venue for school, universities, company sports day, garden weddings, carnivals, festivals, and open air activities. However, rental for the Lanai is only for the garden. You still have to prepare your own tents, tables and chairs, generators etc...

Rental is at RM60 per hour,  RM240 for half day and RM430 for a whole day for open garden
Rental is at RM150 per hour,  RM600 for half day and RM1080 for a whole day for covered and stage area

For more info, check here: space-for-hire

Or register HERE


  1. Look like a good place to organise events there ;)

    1. Definitely... very affordable in the heart of town....

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