Nov 27, 2014


PETPET, Malaysia’s popular baby diaper brand officially launched its ‘Siang & Malam, Si Manja Dilindungi’ campaign which aims to promote uninterrupted play time and sleep to help babies achieve better learning abilities.

The campaign kicked-off earlier this month with PETPET roadshows at various locations around Klang Valley, offering parents day and night solutions in the form of tools and methods to help babies obtain uninterrupted play time during the day and good quality sleep at night. Among the PETPET solutions are PETPET Day Tape and Night Tape as well as sharing sessions by Dynas Mokhtar, PETPET’s brand ambassador. Parents can also get their babies’ IQ level screened using PETPET’s IQ toys at the roadshow.

“With this campaign and roadshow, we hope more parents will learn and adopt some of PETPET’s solutions to help their babies attain uniterrupted play time during the day and better sleep at night

A good night sleep are important to help babies achieve better learning abilities,” said Low Chooi Hoon, General Manager of Disposable Soft Goods (M) Sdn Bhd.

 PETPET’s Night Tape is designed with Extra Absorbency Technology and made up of 3D Super Dry Sheet which absobs urine instantly into the pad core and prevents backflow. With Extra Gel Plus, it also locks away wetness quickly for longer usage and skin dryness thereby ensuring skin stays dry and comfortable for long hours. “PETPET’s technology enables babies to stay dry and comfortable for long hours so that their sleep is not disrupted,” added Low.

According to Dr. Edward Chan, Principal Consultant Psychologist of ChildPsychTM, it is important for babies to get sufficient rest and sleep in order for the brain to develop optimally. Optimal brain development enables the child to to reach its full potential which includes acquiring social and thinking skills, mastering the art of spatial and visual skills, developing strong emotional intelligence as well as acquiring critical creative thinking skills. “There are ways to help a child obtain uninterrupted sleep and these includes the right diet, calming music, a soft blanket and also good diapers. Inadequate sleep will result in slow or stunted growth which will lead to psychological and learning problems as the child matures,” said Dr Chan.

At the media event, Dr Edward Chan and Dynas Mokhtar were engaged in an insightful discussion on the essentials of good sleep as well as the challenges of managing babies’ play time and sleep time. Dynas spoke on her experience as a mother and how she overcame some of these challenges by using the right diapers coupled with great tips that were offered to her by friends and doctors.

In conjunction with the campaign, PETPET is also organising the ‘Ambil Gambar, Like and Menang Photo’ contest that will win participants up to RM30,000. This contest offers a platform for parents to share their success in helping their baby achieve uninterrupted sleep through happy photos of their baby as a baby can only be happy if he or she is well-rested and gets sufficient sleep.

PETPET’s roadshow will be ongoing until 31st December 2014 at participating hypermarkets and malls including AEON BIG Putrajaya, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn (Kajang), Wangsa Maju (Kuala Lumpur), AEON Bandar Utama (Bandar Utama) and Aeon AU2 (Kuala Lumpur). Details of the roadshow is available via PETPET’s Facebook page

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