Nov 29, 2014

Concorde Shah Alam, Melting Pot Cafe's new menu

Yours truly was invited to the Melting Pot Cafe in Concorde Shah Alam to try out the new menu inclusions by Executive Chef Alham Ahmad Daldiri and his team.

The finest Malaysian Favourite Set menu which consists of soups, appetisers, main dishes and also the chef's signature dishes will be introduced in this new menu beginning the 1st of January 2015.

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Melting Pot Cafe at Concorde Hotel in Shah Alam is well known to serve delicious Asian and Continental cuisine all day. In addition to the regular buffet-style dining, they offer specially prepared dishes from chefs at their various cooking stations around the buffet line.

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Let me introduce some of the menu that we had the opportunity to try out.

We had the Stir Fried 'Koay Teow'. Some stir fried flat rice noodles with prawns, eggs, chive beansprouts and fish cake. The taste is flavorful but slightly on the sweet side, but being a big fan of 'koay teow' (my favorite noodles) it taste great for me.

Then there was the Spicy Concorde Fried Rice served with a bulls eye egg, turmeric fried chicken wing, sambal udang, acar jelatah and fish crackers. The first thought that came to mind when this went inside my mouth was that it was homemade. It was delicious and I liked it.

We also got to try 'Nasi Lemak'- Coconut Flavored Rice served with either a small serving of chicken curry or beef rendang, some prawn sambal, boiled egg, anchovies, cucumber and 'santong' nuts. I liked the chicken curry version which happened to be on my plate. The chicken was succulent and the curry yummy!!

This one here  is the 'Ikan Bakar' Portuguese or the Portuguese Baked Fish.  It is a small portion of a seabass which has been grilled with 'air asam' and served with steamed white rice and fish crackers. This one was a little bit strange... it did not quite remind me of any Portuguese Baked Fish I have eaten but instead the fish reminded me of my favorite Nyonya fish 'otak-otak'. It is delicious though....and I like it.

We also had the Butternut Pumpkin Soup, a creamy caramelized butternut pumpkin served with crispy  salmon chips and a generous portion of garlic bread. The garlic bread made it super yummy.....

The Blue Fin Tuna Tataki is a lightly smoked, pan-seared fresh tuna loin with blacken soya sauce, mango coulis and grapes covered with egg roe mayo. It is fresh and I enjoyed the fresh lightly smoked taste.

Last but not least to be included on the menu is the Lobster Ricotta Ravioli. It consists of small portions of grilled lobster and ricotta ravioli with a generous portion of onion chive cream sauce and diced tomatoes. However it is easy to mistake it for soup. It taste ok but the lobster bits are slightly chewy,

And of course, naturally, you will have a selection of Fresh Fruit Juice or hot Beverages to accomany your meal.Choose from a choice of orange, pineapple, mango, grapefruit, green guava and watermelon from the Fresh Fruit Juice selection, or your favorite local hot Beverage  of Kopi Tarik, Teh Tarik, Horlicks or Milo....

Executive Chef Alham Ahmad Daldiri putting his finishing touch on the  Blue Fin Tuna Tataki for the food reviewers present to feast their tastebuds on...

Melting Pot Cafe will naturally continue to showcase authentic  Asian cuisine and provincial specialties at their best, using the best local and imported ingredients from sustainable and organic sauces.

Be sure to try out  all the above dishes as well as a few more signature dishes which will be introduced into the new menu as well such as 'Ibunda' Fried Rice with anchovies and fish crackers, and Thai Chicken Padprik.

There will also be a combination of pasta selection like the Angel Hair Pasta with Prawn, Calamari Trio Capsicum, Tagliatelle Alfredo; and for vegetarians, the Penne Arabiata  and Vegetarian Spaghetti Aglio Olio.

Also on the menu is a comprehensive Fresh Pizza, with pineapple, lots of  other ingredients and topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese on it.

The contemporary Western Dishes menu will include Oven-Baked Premier Prawn with virgin olive mash, baby carrots, thicken soya sauce and pine nut raisin tomato salsa...

And from the Pastry Kitchen Team, some must try items would include the Bittersweet Chocolate Dome, Pearl Lychee Orange Pannacotta and Mango Puff Dacquoise Cake.

You can also expect to find local favorites like Roti Jala, Cucur Jemput, Roti Kahwin and Satay Kajang....

Exciting, isn't it... I for one cannot wait to check out the new menu coming for the new year 2015... 

For more informations or reservations, please call 03-5512 2200 or email

Address: 3 Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah C9/C, 
40100 Shah Alam, Selangor

Bye for now....

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