Nov 6, 2014

Embarrassing myself at the TV Studio...

Hiruscar Kids public relations called me to attend the Bella NTV7 talk show and I jumped at the idea only for an epic fail...

I forgot the most important point. I tend to freeze in front of the camera...

I got to the studio in Glenmarie on time and got a nice makeover by the make up artist. He did a superb job as you can see from my pictures here. I did look and feel fabulous. And he wasn't feeling too well.. Poor guy. I really hope he gets well soon.
Anyway, I was due to be on the talk show with two other people. My blogger friend Ayu and very lovely lady called Lily from Leaderonomics but... Ayu somehow got stuck in her office and could not get away and I was alone..

Then they called us in. The lovely, friendly  and very professional Lisa Wong was our host. But surrounded by the stage and lights. I manage to just mumble and stumble my way through the interview thoroughly embarrassing myself since I had no script and my brain fried on the spot... Hah...

Anyway, if anyone watched the show and is still  reading my humble blog.. Here are my personal answers of what I actually wanted to say/my honest answers... 

Where did you grow up?
Before I answer this question, I would like to thank Hiruscar Kids and Bella NTV7 for giving me this chance to share my thoughts here today... I grew up in Penang.

What do you remember the most from your childhood? 
I remember being a little sheltered, but I did have fun playing card games like Donkey, Old Maid, Snap, Happy Families, Congkak,  Pick up Sticks, Masak2 as well as Lego , Barbie dolls etc.

What was growing up back then like?
There was no technology or iPads or tablets that is for sure, and well, we had to use our imagination a lot of time .

Children these days are usually glued to their gadgets. What were your guilty pleasures that kept you occupied as a child?
I love my books , other then that it was when I played the games mentioned above or running off to the nearby drain  or puddle where the water was considerably clean to catch tadpoles or guppies.

What were your favourite toys? Do you still keep them? 
I loved my barbie dolls, legos and I love my soft  toys. I used to have a huge Care Bear which I adored but it got lost. I do still own a baby doll from all those years ago....

What about games? Do you still remember the games that you played?
Yes, I enjoyed playing congkak, pick up sticks, hide & seek and masak2 . We did have lots of fun last time didn't we...

As we were saying earlier, there were many different types of childhood games and activities what we used to play. Do our kids know them?
My daughter is exposed to many of these games as I encourage her to explore, and enjoys playing games like pick up sticks, congkak , etc with the family.

Are parents to be blamed for not teaching them to their children?
I guess in some ways  parents are too occupied with work . Many households have two working parents nowadays and kids are left with their grandparents or babysitters. So when ever possible, parents should spend quality time with their kids and bring them around to do interesting things like picnic, horse riding, swimming, etc.

In what sense can playing these games help a child's sense of leadership?
Playing games definitely make a child think and playing games like monopoly , snake and ladders and such will make them learn about wanting to get ahead and not wanting to lose out etc.

Is being hooked on gadgets on long period of time bad for the kids?
Yes, the children forget about being sociable and can be pretty unsociable. They get very into it, can be over stimulated and find every other thing in real life boring as opposed to online and it can also be bad for the eyes. I hate to admit it but my daughter is hooked on gadgets too but we only let her have it for a couple of hours a day and at other times she goes out in the porch, skate, catch butterflies, read etc...
Are parents over protective of their children these days that the children do not get freedom to play outside?
I guess times have changed and well, it is not very safe letting kids own nowadays to play as there are so many weirdos out there and crime rate is like on a all time high...It is sad, but if we let the kids out, we also need to monitor them. Besides, when they play outside, children, being children are also prone to accidents , so we need to get some basic first aid stuff ready like bandages, plasters, a great antiseptic and a scar gel - Hiruscar Kids scar gel is awesome!!!

Talking about parents, what are the normal activities with your families during school holidays?
I tend to try to give the best to my children, especially my youngest who is exposed to a lot of things. We go for trips if we can, or if not, simple activities like a picnic at the waterfall, a visit to local attractions (Kidzania, Zoo, Bird Park etc), horse riding at Titiwangsa, swimming at the nearby DBKL facility, sometimes with their best friends invited along...

Thanks for dropping by and my apologies for my horrendous TV appearance... LOL


  1. chill beb..

    its ok...u already do the best..

    adatlah LIVE prog...

    last time masa i was been interviewed in bella (tapi ni under biskut tiger n my anaqi did demo on how to make cookies)..

    I pun stuck juga...
    seb baik dapat cover2..huhuhi

    1. Huhuhuhu.... ini airing esok... 11pagi... facepalm

  2. wahhh... masuk TV.congrats sis.. :)

  3. bravo you recall all details hehe. :D

    1. No lah... my brain fried already but these were suppose to be the questions asked (prepared) and my so called prepared answers... my the question did change a bit so ..... the rest is history.... huhuhu


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