Nov 9, 2014

Chilling at Tous les Jours Bukit Bintang

Tous Les Jours Bakery in Bukit Bintang
picture via hungrygowhere
Situated at the swanky Wolo Hotel in Bukit Bintang (right across from Lot 10/Mc Donalds Bukit Bintang), Tous les Jours is the new hang out joint with a European type decor and a high-society aura.

My husband , me and our little kid was there after having sent our tablet to the Samsung service centre at the Low Yat plaza to be repaired and had a couple of hours to kill.

As usual, there are just so much to see there at Tous les Jours. The pastries and cakes seem to beckon invitingly...

Take a peek at these inviting cakes.. they are however averagely priced... like what you would spend in Starbucks or Coffee Bean. A Cheese tart is selling for RM7.90, and the Berry Berry Tiramisu at RM8.90

How about the Chocolate Strawberry Fresh Cream Cake (Cup) or the Strawberry Fresh Cream Cake (Cup) each for RM8.50

This Teddy Bear cake is so cute and retailing for RM70.00

My little girl with our selection of pastries...

Macaroons anyone??

See and smell the freshly baked pastries beckoning at the display counters....

We ordered a glass of fruit tea, a mug of black coffee and a black forest cake..... and spent about RM50 for all the drinks, cake and pastries...

But somehow it is worth it as you get to chill with your family or friends in a lovely upmarket place chit chatting or surfing the internet . Check it out if you are in Bukit Bintang area, it is definitely one of  the places to be...

The pastries and cakes are as they should be.. fragrant, fresh and flavourful....

3126, 126A-C, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
03-4065 0088

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