Nov 6, 2014

Views of Petaling Street/ China town KL

Petaling Street is lovated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, a stone's throw away from Central Market. It is infamous for pirated CDs, DVDs as well as imitation clothing and bags, even luggages. You can also find unique Chinese snacks, fruits and local souvenirs a plenty here...


A flower shop selling fancy teddy bear bouquets for a birthday or convocation or anniversary...

Fancy caps... Be sure to bargain as the traders here can be a little cut throat and start with a huge mark up!!!

bags store

Burberry, LV, Tumi etc copies anyone? They look quite similar but naturally the quality is not as good as the originals though you can make believe for a little while....

Roasted chestnuts... they are quite nutty in flavour and yummy. Freshly roasted in front of you...

Whenever you are at Petaling Street, do not miss out this Lo Han Kuo drink... It is refreshing and lovely on a hot day!!!

Happy shopping.... or window shopping!! But do not forget to bargain!!! or you will end up paying more then you should!!!

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