Nov 12, 2014

Chillaxing at Pastryville

So hubby, little daughter and me were at Wangsa Walk and hubby wanted some coffee. So we headed to Pastryville to get some coffee and cakes . I have done an informal review of Pastryville in Subang Parade before if you look it up, you probably can find it somewhere in this blog.

Hubby's Long Black Coffee... Now I don't drink coffee so I don't know what to say but hubby said the coffee wasn't that good. The Long Black Coffee came in a Pasta Set Lunch / Dinner set where the deal was a plate of pasta, iced lemon tea and also a slice of the cake of the day. I had to add RM3 for the coffee.

And since my husband was fond of all things chocolaty, I ordered him a Rich Chocolate Brownies here for RM9.90 , but it is not up to standard. We did not finish the brownies as it was too soft and does not really taste like brownies, rather of some chocolate cake, and not too tasty either...

I am a huge fan of Creme Brulee and Pastryville here served a lovely Creme Brulee, as opposed to the not so nice brownies... the Creme Brulee practically melts in the mouth.... this cost RM 9.90

This is the Red Velvet cake. I am not too much of a cheese cake fan, thus not really a fan of Red Velvet cake, but this one came with the Pasta Set Lunch I ordered, so I had no choice but to try it. To my surprise, it is not too cheesy,  it was quite light on the palate and is quite nice - but for non cheese cake fans like me.. I am not sure what a cheese cake fan would think of it.

I also ordered a Mushroom Soup which came well presented with garlic bread. However I think the mushroom soup is nothing to shout about.  This costs RM10.90

This is the pasta that came with the set I ordered. It is a beef bolognaise, though you have a choice of chicken as well as chicken or beef meatballs as well. This spaghetti is actually very flavorful and delicious. My little girl says it is one of the best spaghetti she had tasted.

The set meal cost RM18.90 for the regular meal but if you decide to change your drink, you have to add RM3

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