Nov 4, 2014

Food Review: Oceans 11 Seafood Buffet Dinner at THE MILL CAFE , GRAND MILLENNIUM KL

Buffet dinner

As far as I can recall, The Mill Cafe at the Grand Millenium Kuala Lumpur always serves among the best tasting buffet spread around town.

In case you do not know where it is, The Mill Cafe, Grand Millennium KL is strategically located next to Pavilion Shopping Centre (with Public Bank Bukit Bintang to it's right, and directly opposite Fahrenheit 88

Grand Millennium Hotel

Yours truly was invited along with some bloggers to check out and try out the "Oceans 11 Seafood Buffet Dinner", only available every Friday and Saturday night ongoing now until the 13th of December 2014.

The Chefs at The Mill Cafe has hauled in some of the finest in Neptune’s kingdom and these prized shellfish are taking centre stage at The Mill Café at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur. 

Aptly themed Oceans 11, the Seafood Buffet Dinner buffet features 11 types of freshest seafood and an international selection of main courses, appetisers, salads, soups and desserts.

Come over with family or indulge in a cosy meal for two as the Seafood Buffet Dinner features an extensive menu with two mouth-watering menus in rotation. Imagine tantalising your palate with succulent fresh oysters, rare treasured Alaska king crabs, slipper lobsters, yabbies, flower crabs, tiger prawns, scallops, mussels and clams, all of which are all fully stocked to brim in a silver punch bowl. You can now have all that at The Mill Café, as well as a wide array of appetising desserts.

And indeed, the atmosphere at The Mill Cafe was warm and very welcoming. I loved the comfortable ambiance and the fact you could peek behind the buffet lineup to the kitchen behind.

Grand Millennium KL

And the food spread is as extensive as ever. Diners here at The Mill will face a couple of problems. And that is to decide where they want to start first and also how to try each and every one of these tantalizing dishes.


Hmm.... how now? Where do we start.... I want to try everything... oh no!!!

Seafood Buffet Dinner

Here we have assorted bread,  you can find loaves and buns with jam or butter, whichever that tickles your fancy....

How about some Ratatouille ? The Garlic Mash Potato is just as it sounds.. heavenly mashed potato with a hint of garlic....

Anyone for some Fusili Marinara? Me, for certain... and it taste beautiful with the right amount of tomatoes and light cheese . The mussels are fresh and lovely... though I picked out my olives... not too big a fan of them, unfortunately...

The Creamy Garlic Prawn is lovely... I would the whole lot if I could... but luckily I stopped myself and reminded myself that I had to try more food other then that!!!

The White Fish Fillet in Lemon Caper Butter Sauce is also very yummy. I could not resist taking 2 pieces...

This Seafood Bechamel Gratin tasted like lovely fishy mash potato but with a very slightly harder consistency. The fish is fresh and it taste perfect!!

Some Lala with Green Curry - Mussels cooked in Green Curry...

Here is a selection of uncooked seafood . They are however, seasoned to perfection. You can select whichever you want and give it to the sous chef behind the bar to grill it for you....I really loved the cuttle fish , stingray (ikan pari) and the prawns

Crab curry anyone? 

The Chilli Crabs are seriously to die for as well.. I really loved the sauce!!!

My favourite Broccoli, Oyster Mushroom with Beancurd.....lovely

Here is the Steamed Fish with Soya Sauce, a favorite as well as most of the time when I pass this plate, it is always almost empty despite being refilled numerous times.

This is the Prawn and Kani Stick Shawanmushi. It is a Japanese egg custard steamed with prawns , mushrooms and kani stick... I lvoed the texture of the shawanmushi... it was really smooth...

For Japanese food fan, here is a wide selection of Sushi and Sashimi...

Cold prawns and Fresh raw oysters anyone?   The oysters are fresh and succulent. I really enjoyed slurping them down with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of Tabasco sauce

Cheese anyone? You will find a generous selection of cheese here, also some pretzels....

The Salmon Gravlax... 

This here is the Alaskan King Crab. It is huge. The flesh is soooo succulent , sweet and salty all on it's own...

Here you have a variety of shrimps and crayfish. The meat is somewhat firmer then a prawn but sweeter too...

Lovely shellfish, and all these are served cold but are already cooked to perfection.. Just eat them like this or with some seasoning or sauces...

Mussels... Oh.. I loved the black ones on the right.. They are cooked with sweet chilli sauce and taste really good. I really could not resist having 3-4 of this despite promising myself 1-2 of each only...

Chocolate fountain with your choice of candy or dried fruit or fresh fruits......

How about some traditional Nyonya kuih??? I love Pulut Tai Tai...

Seri Muka

Kuih Lapis

Kuih Ketayap


Red Velvet cake

I love Opera cake and this one was no different..It was just the right taste of sweetness but not overwhelmingly sweet like some others I have tried... I really liked this ... A lot!!!

Chocolate Mousse Cake


Cream puffs?? Aren't they just so pretty!!!

Apricot Cake with blackberries or raspberries on top of it...

Cotton Candy 

Bread and Butter Pudding.... I enjoyed this a lot too...

Fruit Crumble

Yours truly here cannot resist dipping into the chocolate fountain.....

Seafood Fried Rice...

Some condiments to go with your dishes....

This is an add on dish, a specialty of the house. You can add on to it for RM108++  and it is great for 4-5 people... This is the  Lobster Thermidor with Mango Salsa Sauce. It is very refreshing and light onthe palate. I highly recommend it !!!!

Chef Nazari Amir with the lobster....

The classic Lobster Thermidor, tossed in a Cream Cheesy sauce, then Gratinated and served with white rice and green salad

Yours truly with Chef Nazari Amir and Miss Sharmila , Marketing and Communications Manager

Last but not least, yours truly here could not resist sharing this special dish Chef Nazari Amir shared with us. This is not part of the buffet, but you could try ask the staff about it if you are interested. It is Spaghetti with Salmon Roe, Australian Crayfish and Prawn Bisque.. (hope I did not get that wrong) but it tasted very unique and it is tasty!!! I won't mind another !!!

-       Besides the Oceans 11 Seafood Buffet Dinner, the international buffet dinner is available from Monday – Thursday then Sunday, priced at RM88++ per adult & RM44++ for kid from 5-12 year-old
-       The buffet includes free flow of chilled juices priced only at RM15++ per person
-       Free car park for the first 3 hours—for dine-in guests only. Just present your parking ticket at the restaurant counter to have it stamped and verified
-       Make your reservation with us now via email, phone or private message us on Facebook:


Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

    160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
  • Kuala Lumpur, 55100
  • Malaysia
  • T. +60 3 2117 4888
  • F. +60 3 2142 1441

Thank you Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur for having me over .


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