Nov 10, 2014

Kids say the darnest things.. What my little girl thinks of FAQ

So... In the midst of making a passport and rushing to get my cruise confirmed and bus tickets to Singapore, I asked my little girl to Google up Aeroline buses to Singapore and so she does as I ask her to do.

Then she piped up.. "Mummy.. Do you know how Malaysians spell the dirty/bad word?"

Me: "What dirty /bad word?"

Daughter: "F-U-C- K"

Me: "Huh! How do they spell it?"

Daughter: "F- A =fa   Q = q (fu*k you)"

Me: " I asked you to look up the bus schedules to Singapore from KL, so why are you Googling up other things?"

Daughter: "I am doing it!! And it is here on the page too!!"

Me: " Huh??!!! Where? "

Daughter : "There... " and proceeds to point out the FAQ icon on the page for Aeroline website..

Me: " you nut!!! That means Frequently Asked Questions!!!! It's not a dirty/ bad word!!!"

Daughter: "Oh!!"

And I can't help laughing until tears came out of my eyes... Kids really say the darnest things!!!!!

Thanks for reading....ROTFLMFAO


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