Nov 8, 2014

Hiruscar® Kids Play Safe, Play More Mom Bloggers Forum/ Kids Workshop

Hiruscar kids

Yours truly was one of the selected Mom Bloggers for this event and it was both exciting and nerve wrecking since yours truly suck at public speaking BIG TIME. Anyway, together with my little girl, we were there at the Explorer at Publika to attend the Mom Bloggers Forum and the Hiruscar® Kids Play Safe, Play More Holiday Workshop.

Hiruscar® Kids, one of Malaysia’s first topical scar gel formulated for children, was recently launched together with its ‘Play More’ campaign. This campaign is aimed at encouraging children to go outdoors and play more while equipping both parents and children with important safety tips to promote safe play. The Play More campaign featured the Hiruscar® Kids Play Safe, Play More
Mom Bloggers Forum and the Hiruscar® Kids Play Safe, Play More Holiday Workshop.

play more campaign

Ning Baizura, local celebrity and mother to almost two-year-old Ryan Sky Dalton, was present to facilitate the mom bloggers’forum. She said: “Boys are naturally more active and rough,
and I worry all the time that my son would get hurt. With precaution, I can reduce the risk of injuries but I can never take it away 100%. I think it’s important for us as parents to find a balance of being cautious with allowing our kids to have fun and run around.”

Ning was especially excited to meet the other mothers. “I think it’s so important to talk to other mothers and share our experiences when it comes to issues we face as parents. I find
that mother knows best is true more often than not!” said Ning.

The forum for the mom bloggers allowed the mothers to share some of the issues they faced in balancing a need to incorporate more play-time into their children’s daily activities and safety considerations. Another topic of discussion was the positive effect that playtime had on their children.

The mothers and their children also took part in a series of games and activities designed to teach children and parents safety tips and the importance of play. “My little one definitely
had fun, and I also learned a thing or two about how to cut down on accidents,” my fellow blogger friend Jane Chua said.

The children were treated to games that they could play with their mothers and a fun storytelling session with an adapted version of “Little Red Riding Hood” and the challenges she faces by professional actor and storyteller Marina Tan,

For the children, it was an opportunity to play and learn in a fun way, while also picking up Hiruscar® Kids’ hampers, backpacks filled with gifts, and certificates of participation.

A 2012 study involving 50 children aged between two to ten years old saw improvements on scars and dark marks of participants with Hiruscar® Kids. Senior Product Manager of Hiruscar, Desryne Heng said, “The study shows 98% of children aged between two to ten years old experienced an improvement on various scars and dark marks caused by a fall, burn or insects bite within two weeks of usage and saw lighter, smoother, softer skin on the affected area.” 

Hiruscar® Kids is a gel that has been clinically proven to be gentle yet effective, safe and non-allergenic.It is nongreasy and has a fast absorption rate, ideal for parents of young children who worry that their children will ingest external creams. This gel also has a pleasant smell like bubble  gum that children find agreeable.

Hiruscar Kids is retailed at RM 29.80 per 10g and is now available in leading pharmacies nationwide.


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