Nov 24, 2014

My cruise aboard the Costa Victoria -Day 1

I have wanted to go on a cruise ever since forever, and finally my dream is now a reality despite some hiccups here and there and troubles and kinks to be ironed out. Finally it was the day I got to really step foot on a passenger cruise ship. I had only stepped foot in battle ships and library ships before this... LOL

Traveling by Aeroline executive coach took only 5 hours to arrive in Singapore for my trip there, inclusive of 2 toilet breaks, one somewhere in Melaka and the other at Gelang Patah.  Breakfast was served on board the coach, but somehow it was way below the normal standard. This breakfast consisted of fried rice with scrambled egg, fried popiah and chicken drummet. Hmmm.. hardly a nice combo. I watched the Hunger Games and also Despicable me 2 on board on the pretty awesome entertainment system, while little girl watched Frozen (yet again) as well as played some games.

At the Tuas checkpoint

Arrived in Singapore Harbour front, checked in luggage at the Costa cruise check in luggage area and got queue card no 4. Went to Vivo city and walked around checking out interesting stores etc, including the Singapore version of Pet Safari and Daiso (which seemed to have much more awesome items for cheap – just 2 Singapore dollars) and finally had a light lunch at Coffee Bean for the free WiFi as well as the ice blended mocha and a gingerbread man.

Outside Vivocity /Harbourfront....near the harbour

The view from the Skypark above Vivocity

Can see Resort World Sentosa from here....

Mom and daughter selfie

At 3pm, went to the checking in area and could not find the Explore Malaysiaku staff who was supposedly to meet me there, and I was beginning to panic as I did not know what was going on and I did not have my e ticket in hand. They have sent it to me late at night and my printer was not working. The staff had said their Singapore staff would be waiting for me at the counter with the print out in hand but there was no one in sight...

My first view of the ship

Fortunately at the Singapore Cruise Centre, one of the managers, Mr Ivan Kumar helped me out by helping me print it out and for free.

So yours truly heaved a sigh of relief and manage to check in successfully and went through the motions of getting passed the immigration etc, 

Yayyy... am so excited...

Then I was on board. Oh Gosh! After all this while of wishing and wanting to go on a cruise… this is it!!!

On stepping foot in the ship....

The Costa Victoria is supposed to be a Venetian theme ship, thus the decorations...

Welcome fruit art from the chef!!!

But for a  moment after checking in and surrendering my passport (the ship security people collects all the passports and will keep it for the duration of your cruise), I was wondering why people pay so much money to spend a few days on the ship, but the thought fled when I settled into my cabin. My cabin was small, but comfortable. The bathroom/toilet was even more compact, but we made do.

My cabin

My bed and all key card and newsletters laid out...

The toilet is very compact, just enough for one person at any one time... but clean

toilet view... heheheh

The Emergency drill card, personalized key cards which becomes your ID on the duration of the cruise, even when getting off the ship for excursions or visits. 

tea making facilities...

my balcony... and the view...

view on the right...

view on the left-the ship is still anchored to the Singapore Cruise Centre...

a telephone to call other cabins.

My daughter on the balcony.

The drill cards to be presented at the drill and the Costa Card... your room key and identification card and credit card for purchases...

The news letter which you receive every night so you know what activities is available the next day...

Yours truly on her bed-  and yes, the bed is very comfy

My little daughter...

A lovely view of the Star Cruise coming in to the harbour

relaxing on the balcony

my little girl with the view of the star cruise ship in the distance...

zoomed in..

after a change of clothing and freshening up...

We both went on our own tour around the ship, and took some photos which I am currently sharing.

Deck 11 is where the swimming pool is and also there is a cafe/restaurant here for buffet breakfast/lunch or dinner

swimming pool

my daughter's favourite place

at the solarium, Deck 12

The Star Cruise ship has reached the harbour....
Concorde Plaza, for live music and dancing...


more shops - branded items going cheap...duty free

Montmartre Galleria on Deck 7

Bella Perlina Pandora like bracelets

The other side of Deck 7

The bar there

Pompei Spas also on Deck 7

There's a lovely Jacuzzi pool there and steam bath

indoor warm swimming pool for those who don't want to get tanned

Deck chairs to relax in as well

Massage anyone?? They cost a pretty penny though

Anne went for a little dip in the pool, then we came back to our cabin, she took a bath and we went to the Fantasia restaurant for our dinner. Dinner was simple awesome!!! Little cutie monkee swore it was tasty.

Squok Club, especially for kiddies . Parents can leave their kids here and go for excursion or do their own things and come back for them. Children age 8-12 however can have their own signing in and signing out facility

Fantasia restaurant. Our favourite restaurant. You can have a 3-4 course meal here... 

Our table....

The menu

Spaghetti with beef ragout.... yummy!!

Beefballs and mash potatoes and broccoli. My little girl loved this!!!

Then after dinner, we check out the Squok club, a club for kids age 3 to 12’s orientation, then went back to cabin to grab our life jackets for the drill.

Squok Club orientation 

For a while I could just imagine the horrors one would face like that….It was not hard to when everyone was being squeezed like sardines into several lines to fit all the crowd. No doubt there were about 5-6 muster stations and the drill was for familiarization purpose and a neccesity in case anything untoward happened. The drill took several minutes and some people inclusing yours truly was getting light headed or claustrophobic being hemmed in a huge crowd and small kids were crying.

Then it was over... blessedly over....and we were allowed to leave the Muster Station

Then we went to the Festival Theatre on deck 6 to watch Ice, a Michael Jackson impersonator extraordinaire hailing from Las Vegas, and he was GOOD!! Ice and his back up dancers were brilliant at their show. He also looked a lot like Michael Jackson in his make up and outfits.

I was really knackered then and we headed back to our cabin to sleep...


  1. huya.. worth an experience hehe.. you both be talking of.. :D

  2. assalam. hi there. just want to know are the foods in Fantasia are all halal ?


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