Nov 19, 2014


~Celebrity Fitness to introduce first and exclusive RMT methodology in Asia~

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Exercise is important to us if we want to keep ourselves fit and healthy. And more and more people are looking for a comfortable and nice place to exercise. Many people might say the outdoors is a good place, but nowadays with growing crime rate as well as pollution etc, a busy executive or businessmen, ladies etc would prefer to exercise in the comfort of a gym.

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Celebrity Fitness proudly launched  David Weck's RMT methodology and equipment in Malaysia in it's "Nu"  gym at Nu Sentral with celebrities like Yasmin Hani, Shaarin, Josiah Mizukami, Megan Tan, Dina, Fiqrie, Johnson Low, Julie Woon,  Nadiah Heng, Dennis Gan, Orange Tan, , Lin Kah Jun, Henley Hii, Danny One, Baki Zainal  and many more along with bloggers and the media in the first RMT party led by Vidal Coscolin, one of the five certified RMT Trainers/ Group Fitness Manager of Celebrity Fitness Malaysia.

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Change is constant, and Celebrity Fitness makes it their mission to constantly introduce these new fitness innovations to Malaysians to add excitement and challenge to their workout sessions.

The RMT methodology encompasses Non-Dominant Side Training and functional strength training that utilizes both sides of the body to move more efficiently and athletically. The RMT Club and RMT Rope are designed specifically to complement the RMT methodology to achieve a full body workout.

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RMT Club is a first of its kind, highly dynamic, multi-functional tool that teaches the principles of Rotational Movement Training . The club does not just offer an incredible full body workout; but also unifies one's body while building strength coordination, balance and a greater range of motion. The RMT rope on the other hand, have one's both sides of the body work together so that the non -dominant side contributes to the dominant side as well. 

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It is a very good workout and definitely a great stress reliever as well.

Blogger pals joining in the exercise, Elana and Kylie

The RMT launch was held in conjuction with the new club opening of Celebrity Fitness in Nu Sentral. The Celebrity Fitness flagship club introduces the whole new concept in terms of the clubs interior design and the equipment cannot be found in other clubs like the PURMOTION FTS100 Fucntional Zone Frame along with cutting edge equipments like The Surge, The TIYR and DynamaX Balls.

Yasmin Hani manages to do it perfectly...

Josiah Mizukami and Fiqrie 

Yasmin Hani and hubby, Shaarin following the instructions to perfection

The event was made possible with the following partners: Men's Health, NUM/ZAPI, Kinohimitsu, Luxasaia, Permanis, Loreal Professional, Kiehls and Simply d.

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