Nov 10, 2014

Don't go to immigration on Sunday

Yours truly learnt her lesson on NOT going to immigration on Sunday. I brought my little girl to the immigration so we could both renew our passports for our upcoming cruise but unfortunately  it was impossible to do so.

First stop was at the UTC Sentul. I went around in circles in search for a parking spot but none could be found. I gave up and left...

Then I went to Pudu Sentral's UTC and oh my gosh.....the crowd was crazy... and until outside.. and worse... even all the queuing will be wasting time as the security guard has cut off the crowd as there are no more numbers for queue...

So I had to just be patient and go home and will be trying to do it today... after I finish this post... wish me luck.. LOL


  1. salam
    singgah pagi
    sory hr nie bz skit

  2. hope we able do fast on Fri.. as her aunt wan the passport this Sun

  3. all the best... and good luck Sherry... hehehe


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