Nov 18, 2014


Yours truly was at Nu Sentral to catch up with a friend when she was invited to try out the TCBY frozen yogurt. Yours truly is a BIG fan of yogurt but TCBY frozen yogurt definitely blew my mind.

I was expecting just about the same flavors as the other competitors but what I tasted was truly amazingly outstanding. You have to try it to believe it.

And when it came to the hand scooped  yogurt, I almost found it hard to believe I was actually eating yogurt instead ice cream!! The Strawberries and Cream flavor yogurt was just as good as Haagen Dazs or Baskin and Robbins and twice or thrice much more healthier...

I personally liked that really  a LOT and I also liked Chocolate Chocolate , Lemon Sorbet, Pralines and Cream and the Mint Chocolate Chunk!!!  They are sooooo scrumptious you can hardly believe how something this good can be so healthy!!

The Cotton Candy and Rainbow Cream flavor would be a BIG hit with my little girl

What does TCBY stand for? 

TCBY originates from USA, and TCBY stands for " The Country's Best Yogurt" and I really have to agree after trying it out, not because I want to fan anyone's ego but because it is the truth!!!

TCBY frozen yogurts, or froyos are made from fresh, all natural, wholesome ingredients. THeir product range includes low-fat varieties, non-fat varieties, no sugar added varieties and gluten free varieties. TCBY also introduced a new classification of super nutritious froyos called the " Super Froyo". This classification is unparalleled and includes a special combination of nutrients including probiotics, fiber, vitamins and minerals that work together to improve the overall sense of well being.

TCBY Malaysia currently has more then 1/2  dozen  soft serve flavors and about 14 hand scooped frozen yogurt flavors, and they will be introducing  new promotional flavors from time to time.

FYI, TCBY can be found at Nu Sentral which is the first outlet, followed by one in Johor Premium Outlets, Quill City Mall and soon to open in IOI city Mall in December 2014.

The brand was brought into Malaysia by Dewina Super Froyo Sdn Bhd, part of the Brahim's/Dewina food group.

Go on and try it out... This super yummy "ice cream" which is actually yogurt is so healthy and is very low in calories (just 100-140 calories per small scoop) in comparison to the regular ice cream which has 230-290 calories per small scoop.

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  1. Hi Dear, will definately try this since my kids also crazies fan of yogurt furthermore we will be goin to JPO soooon!!!



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