Nov 17, 2014

Adventures at LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia - a pictorial adventure....

Located right at the main entrance of LEGOLAND Park, a stay at the castle like- LEGOLAND themed hotel will be one neither you or your kids will ever forget!  

Yours truly was lucky enough to have gotten an opportunity to visit Legoland as well as stay over here at the LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia...

We were assigned to our room which was located on the 2nd floor.  It was an Adventure room, and we were all geared up and filled with excitement, or at least my mini me and her mom was. 

They gave us our room key card with a free WiFi access and we went on our merry way to our floor to check out our room.

On exiting the lift - oh, remember to touch your room key card to the panel or you cannot access the room area or the pool area, this is for security reasons- this is what that greeted us.  

We walked along the corridors until we found our room number. Our room entrance faced a pretty landscaped garden with two LEGO gardeners, and some butterflies around.

The outside of the room... made us feel like Indiana Jones ready to enter some pyramid somewhere ...

The rooms come with two separate sleeping areas, with a king-size bed for grown-ups, and a separate area for up to three little ones, complete with a bunk size bed, pull-out trundle bed and their very own TV!

And oh gosh... My little Explorer /princess practically squealed and whooped for joy when she saw this . She was really thrilled to bits by her room...

The details in the kids bedroom was simply amazing. with puzzles, a LEGO rat and parrot on top of the TV area

The amazing wall murals....

And a LEGO monkey king guarding his "treasure". There is a "map" and puzzle which if you can solve, you can open the crate and get to keep the treasure!!

My daughter was most determined to solve the puzzle and scrambled all over looking for the answers in the whole room. Questions and clues would include counting the beetles or the scorpions and such.

After a couple of attempts, she finally did it!!

And she got 3 prizes in the form of a LEGOLAND notebook, a Chewbacca LEGO fridge magnet and Frodo Baggins keychain.

Anyway , for those who might be interested:-

LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia  Bedrooms are all themed. There are 3 main themes..

Pirate: Step into your very own pirate cabin decked out with pirate bedding, curtains, wallpaper and even Polly, a LEGO parrot.

Adventure: Embark on the ultimate adventure and hunt for hidden treasure amongst tarantulas, scorpions, lizards and other jungle animals.

Kingdom: Enter a kingdom fit for a Prince or Princess. Bunting, shields and flags all meet the royal standards.

LEGOLAND Hotel consists of:
* 234 Themed Rooms and Fully Themed Rooms
*7 Pirate Deluxe rooms
* 8 Kingdom Suites

All Deluxe and Suite Rooms can sleep up to 8 persons (Maximum 4 Adults per room)

All Standard and Premium Rooms can sleep up to 5 persons (Maximum 3 Adults per room)

There is also a big box of Duplo for the kids to play...

The free amenities in the room include four bottles of mineral water, tea, coffee and a packet of cookies.

Then into the main bedroom....

Help!!! Call the housekeeping....My room is infested with snakes, bugs and scorpions!!!!

A selfie with hubby in our room...

Our bathroom.... oh how cute.. all the bathroom amenities are packaged so sweetly with ample towels

Help mummy!!! There is a huge scorpion in my toilet....

There is a huge tarantula!!!!

There are both an adults sink and a kiddies sink....

Outside our room, along the corridor... 

Let's try to decipher this map.....

All these makes it no wonder how LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia is definitely Malaysia's best kids hotel especially for kids age between 2-12 and those who still have not grown up like yours truly here... 

It has been an amazing stay and experience we will never forget, thanks to this media trip jointly organized by Paddle Pop and LEGOLAND Malaysia Resorts 

7, Jalan Legoland, 

Bandar Medini,

 79250 Nusajaya, Johor


  1. bestnya
    anum pun teringin nak pergi

  2. sweet daughter of yours and she looked happy the most :)

  3. Oh my! I love your adventure room... But.. I love my Kingdom room, too! Wonder how pirates room looks like...

  4. really... kali pertama my son pun senyap seronok dalam hotel. tak kacau kitorang. hehehe.. Legoland, memang every kids happy with it...

    1. kannn... my daughter pun... tidur, main semua dalam bilik sendiri... terlalu excited


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